January 2015
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    Need to Relax?

    Mudlark-Aubrey-Mug-Spa-SetMaybe this is a little too personal, but although I have pretty easy pregnancies, it’s not really my favorite thing in the world. I’m just mildly uncomfortable all the time. So annoying. Anyway, all I really want to do is sit in a hot soothing bathtub with a warm cup of green tea. With that being said, I found an awesome little gift I am going to gift to myself! The Mudlark Aubrey Mug & Spa Set is perfect. I had no idea we had this product! I love it. A candle and soap that smells of eucalyptus and its all natural to boot. Nice! I can always use an over-sized mug too. I suggest you buy it for your next pregnant friend. I promise she will appreciate it :)

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    One Response to “Need to Relax?”

    1. I had some bath salt with eucalyptus scent and its so automatic but unfortunately it was all gone at Christmas time. I think I know what to replace it with now :)

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