January 2015
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    My Favorite Gift – Toast of California

    Toast of California Wine BasketI have some sisters who are hard to buy for.  I like buy them something that they would not normally buy for themselves, but I don’t really know what that would be. The Toast of California was a big hit with the sister who received it for Christmas last year.  She lives in California and She loved that I sent her California Wine and she said the gourmet snacks in the basket were the perfect amount to put out for sharing. The added bonus is the great basket that she has re-purposed in the guest bath. Anyone looking for an affordable gift that makes a big hit should consider this gift basket!

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    2 Responses to “My Favorite Gift – Toast of California”

    1. I recommend this gift to all my shoppers. Its a perfect gift for any occasion at any time of the year.

    2. This is a wonderful gift idea not only for your male friend but also for his whole family.

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