January 2015
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    My Favorite Gift – Mother’s Day!

    Lifetime-Orchid-CandleEvery year at this time, I worry about what to get my mother for Mother’s Day. I guess I’m still stinging over the time I sent my parents a gift and signed it: “All my love, your favorite daughter” and they called my sister to thank her for the gift! So, naturally, It has to be something really special as I am still trying to be the favorite.

    This year I am sending the Mom’s Keepsake Candle. This isn’t a candle that will burn down in no time flat, or melt because it’s too close to the window. The added bonus is the gorgeous Orchid flower inside. Orchids are my mother’s favorite and she loves to burn a candle now and then, but if the candle is a special gift, she wants to keep it, so she denies herself the enjoyment of actually burning the candle.

    This year, I have the perfect gift. One that my sister would be proud to take the credit for…

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    2 Responses to “My Favorite Gift – Mother’s Day!”

    1. Didn’t your sister told your parents that it was you who sent the gift? If that happened to me, I wouldn’t feel good at all. :( But I have to admire your love for your parents, you forgot what’s happened and moved on. Good for you and I’m sure whoever will take the credit for this candle, your mom will surely love this.

    2. Hello,

      Mother’s day is an amazing event for children they want present some good gift to mothers.

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