January 2015
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    My Favorite Gift – Little Froggy Bath Tote

    Little Froggy Bath ToteSo I have a niece who has a toddler and a new baby.I realized when her second son was born that I had never sent a gift for her first son! I’m a very bad auntie! I wanted to send something for the two of them together, but with the age difference, what would be good for both of them? Little Froggy Bath Tote with the engraved ribbon was the perfect answer to my dilemma!  There is something for everyone in that little red pail.  The Green ribbon that said The Carter Brothers was
    the highlight of the gift,  according to the boys’ Dad. This tote is definitely my new favorite gift for toddlers and new little brothers alike!

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    One Response to “My Favorite Gift – Little Froggy Bath Tote”

    1. Though I have a strong dislike for real frogs, a story for another time, this gift set makes me squeal with giddiness!!! First, it’s chalked full of things a new mommy can actually use and can never have too much of, ie tooshy-paste, baby powder and no tears wash. And I don’t care who you are, a personalized ribbon is freakin’ sweet!!! Ahem, I mean it is a very elegant touch to any gift=)

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