January 2015
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    My Favorite Gift – Bettoni Pen

    Engraved Bettoni PenThere’s just something very cool about seeing your own name on an Ink Pen. Makes you feel somehow more important than those around you who do not  have their name on an ink pen. This Engraved Bettoni Pen is a great gift to commemorate a new job, a job promotion or College graduation. Or just as a way of saying: You are important in my eyes and now that you have this pen with your name it, everyone will know just how important you are!  :D  It’s even extra special if you give it with the Fine Leather Journal with Free Embossing!

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    3 Responses to “My Favorite Gift – Bettoni Pen”

    1. So, if I have this pen people will know how important I am?! Sign me up for 5! Actually, this is one of my favorite gifts because it’s clean, slick and personal all at the same time. And my favorite part is that it’s so inexpensive!!!

    2. Ok I want one for myself now :)

    3. i want to order a pen for my friend

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