January 2015
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    Mom’s Traditions

    Mothers-Day-Cookie-BucketAs a fairly new Mom, I try to come up with exciting traditions and projects to do with my 3 year old daughter. When she gets older, I want her to remember all those fun times she had with me, and to really appreciate the little things we do together. Spring is finally here, and she loves to pick flowers. We bought a huge bag of mixed flower seeds to plant just so when they bloom she can pick all she wants! We planted them together in our back yard and each day she runs outside to see if they have grown. I was browsing our site and found the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! The Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet comes with a dozen of the most delicious cookies from a local bakery, and the cutest little flower pot for Mom’s! How perfect is that?

    When I was little I used to plant flowers with my Mom too, and it’s just one of those things you really appreciate when you get older, all the fun times you spent together. What traditions do you have with your Mom that you really appreciate now?

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