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    Melodie – My Favorite Gift

    Melodie, Customer Service Representative

    My favorite gift right now is the Corporate Clincher. I sent it to my Grandfather for his birthday. When he received the gift, he called me immediately and said it was one of the greatest gifts ever! How it was packaged and shipped in the chest was the neatest thing. The food items were so fresh, what a perfect combination of food  and wine! Then he scolded me on how I should have never spent over $100.00 on him for his birthday like that…..Well, I was not about to tell him I only spent 79.95!

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    2 Responses to “Melodie – My Favorite Gift”

    1. This has always been one of my favorites! Good choice Melodie.

    2. You know what? My dad said that same thing when I purchased him a gift basket for Father’s Day. This is another advantage of working for GiftTree, employee discounts!

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