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    May Birth Flower

    For those of you lucky enough to be born in May, your birth month flower is the lily of the valley. Did you know that lilies of the valley are highly poisonous? Until just now, I didn’t, and I talk about flowers all day every day here! It’s true what they say that you learn something new every day! Here are a few interesting facts about the lily of the valley

    • Lilies of the valley grow naturally in Northern Asia, Europe and in the Appalachian region of the United States
    • The lily of the valley is often also called “Mary’s Tears,” as many stories claim that the origin of the flower is that it rose from the ground in the place where Jesus’ mother, Mary’s, tears fell to the ground.
    • In Germanic mythology, the lily of the valley is symbolic of life and represents the goddess of spring, Ostara. These flowers always head the feast of Ostara.
    •  When Britain’s Prince William married Catherine Middleton, her bouquet contained lilies of the valley.
    •  In France it is a tradition to sell lilies of the valley tax-free on May 1, as a celebration of French Labor Day, and of spring.
    •  Majalis, the scentific name for the plant, means “of (or belonging to) May”

    Happy birthday to our May babies! Don’t forget to stay away from your birth month flower – it’s poisonous!

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