January 2015
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    July Birth Flower

    My beautiful baby girl is getting so big- on July 12th she is turning 4 years old! Gone are the days when I had to feed her by hand or get her dressed, my little firecracker is very independent and wants nothing more than to feel grown up. I decided that I am going to arrange her very first flower delivery on her birthday this year, so I started researching “birth flowers”. Apparently, like birth stones, there is a flower that corresponds to every month of the year. Perhaps this was a tradition created by florists, but it works!

    It just so happens that July’s birth flowers are the Water Lily and Larkspur. Now, I really don’t know where I can get water lilies for delivery, besides the Monet print hanging in the hall! But I do know about larkspur. What a beautiful delicate flower, that perfectly captures my little blondie’s kind spirit. I think we are going to splurge, and go for the Wonderful Day Bouquet. I can use it for a centerpiece at her party, and I know she will love the purple and pink flowers that so reflect her joyful heart.


    Month Flower Symbolization
    January                     Snowdrop Love, fascination, and purity
    February                    Primrose Modesty, distinction, and virtue
    March                    Daffodil Rebirth, unrequited love, vanity
    April                    Daisy/Peony Innocence, loyal love, gratitude, and healing
    May        Hawthorn/Lily of the Valley Happiness, humility and sweetness
    June                     Rose Love, gratitude, appreciation
    July    Water Lily/Delphinium/Larkspur Joyful, fickleness, sweet
    August             Poppy/Gladiolus Moral Integrity
    September          Morning glory/Aster Daintiness, love, magic
    October         Marigold/Hops/Calendula Grief, Hopefulness, Grace
    November               Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness, friendship, abundance
    December               Holly/Narcissus sweetness, self esteem, vanity.


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    3 Responses to “July Birth Flower”

    1. Thats an awesome idea! She’s gonna feel so grown up, and all princesses deserve flowers :)

    2. How funny that my birth flower (december) is Narcissus, and means vanity! LOL

    3. our beautiful delicate flower,perfectly captures my little blondie’s kind spirit.

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