January 2015
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    Julie – My Favorite Gift

    Julie Snider, Customer Service Representative

    I work a lot with corporate customers who are placing large bulk orders. One of my favorite gifts to recommend to them is The 5th Avenue. This gift has a great upscale presentation that any corporate client would love to give or receive. There are two different types of great wines that can be enjoyed at any time. There is a nice variety of gourmet items that are great for an individual person or a group of people. I also really like this gift because there is an option to personalize the ribbon. A corporate client can have their company name on the ribbon or a holiday greeting. If you are looking for a great corporate gift, definitely consider The 5th Avenue. You will not be disappointed.

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    One Response to “Julie – My Favorite Gift”

    1. I love that gift also Julie and yes it is very appropriate for a corporate gifts.

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