January 2015
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    It’s Summertime!

    I love each season as it comes, but I really love summer. I look forward to it all year long! The long days, that big bright yellow thing in the sky comes out (if we are lucky!) and bare feet in the grass. One of my favorite summer activities is lounging in my parents backyard reading a good book, or playing a quick round of croquet. I especially love taking naps in the hammock.  Growing up everyone wanted to play in your yard because we had the biggest one on the block, or maybe it was because they knew my mom would have fresh baked cookies for us to chomp on… Regardless, our yard was the place to be in NE Portland. Be sure to take some time, kick off your shoes and put your feet in the grass.

    Top 5 Favorite Smells from Summers in My Parents Yard
    1. Fresh cut grass
    2. Camp Fire (fire pit)
    3. Lilac trees
    4. Charcoal Grill
    5. Sheets drying on the clothes line.

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