January 2015
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    Interview with the Sweet n’ Salty Snack Tower

    I hear that this is a momentous occasion, Sweet n’ Salty Snack Tower.

    Call me Salty. And you’re absolutely right, Ben, I’m the first gift basket ever to be interviewed.

    I hate to break it to you, but technically I think you’re a snack tower.

    Tower shmower. Same thing.

    Well, I think The Grand Gourmet would disagree with you there.

    The Grand Gourmet? Let me tell you something about the Grand Gourmet. He’s threatened. That’s right. He knows I’ve got something he doesn’t.

    And that would be?

    Well, I’m taller.

    Anything else?

    Uh…Cookies? Yeah, cookies! All kinds! I’ve got Vanilla Frosted, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, and Lemon Blueberry. I’ve got gourmet white cheddar popcorn too and spicy snack mix. I think there are some awesome citrus gems and raspberry tea cookies in here somewhere too. Yeah, here they are. I’ll put those up against Grand Gourmet’s biscotti any day.

    Grand Gourmet does have Godiva Chocolate, you know.

    *Sigh* Don’t remind me.

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