February 2015
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    I Have the Best Dad Ever!!

    I grew up a total Daddy’s girl. Wherever my dad was, I wasn’t far behind. I was supposed to have been his boy, but as fate would have it, it didn’t turn out that way. That didn’t seem to change the way we interacted however, I was his lil tom-boy.

    We went fishing together, chopped wood together, and as I got older, he taught me how to cook. That’s right I didn’t learn how to cook from my mom. Dad was the master cook and griller in our family, And still is today.

    So this fathers day, what better gift than the Fathers Day Gourmet Grill Basket! It’s perfect for the master griller in your life – with the assortment of gourmet spices and seasonings, and the gourmet cedar grilling planks he will surely be grillin up something tasty.

    Send your dad (or hubby, step dad, brother etc) something super special this year! Check out our unique gifts today and show him how much you truly appreciate him.


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