February 2015
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    Hello, June!

    Engraved Chopsticks for Two It’s June and a time for new beginnings. With the sunshine and the start of the summer months comes new lives and new adventures. The two biggest events that spring to mind are weddings and graduations. This year, I’m excited that both of these are happening in my family.

    My baby niece has grown up to be a beautiful young lady and is graduating high school this month. She’s always had a knack for writing and can often be seen with a pen and notebook right by her side. As a graduation present, I’ve decided to give her the Fine Leather Journal with Free Embossing. As she heads out after the summer and starts her new adventures in college, this will be a great way for her to write down her experiences, thoughts and feelings…and maybe a letter home to her favorite uncle.

    At the end of this month, my cousin is starting a new life with her soon-to-be husband. While I’m sure they will get a ton of great gifts, I will be sending them the Engraved Chopsticks for Two. Not only will this be a unique gift and one that I’m sure no one else will be giving, it will be a great conversation piece and engraved reminder of the special day that they joined their lives together.

    Yes, June is going to be an exciting month for me and my family. :D  Are there any great things happening in yours?

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    2 Responses to “Hello, June!”

    1. Yes, plenty. Few birthdays and 2 weddings. Busy month but exciting at the same time!

    2. Nothing too over the top this month for us, just the end of another school year for the kiddos, and packing the house up for a move next month! :D

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