January 2015
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    Happy Pi Day! (3/14)

    One my favorite memories from my years in school was math class on Pi Day (March 14 or 3.14). We would get to bring in either a pie or a pizza, slice up the pieces, talk about how to measure area and circumference of a circle, and then, of course eat!

    It was nerdy, but fun, like this shirt:

    Pi T-Shirt

    Of course the Pi Day experiment could also work splendidly with any one of our awesome cheesecakes. All you need is something round and delicious like our Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake or Very Berry Cheesecake.

    It’s extra fun that Pi Day falls on a Friday this year. It’s the perfect excuse to take off half an hour early, order pizza (or cheesecake), watch a movie (Darren Aronofsky anyone?) and kick back.

    So go eat some pie and celebrate Pi!

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