February 2015
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    Hand-Painted Cupcake Booties

    Lil-Tootsies-Cupcake-Girl-BootiesSimply put… These things are adorable! They come in a miniature paint can, with a pink bow. They are hand painted. They are tiny. They are awesome!

    The booties are a brand new addition to our ever growing and evolving array of delightful delights. I suspect they will be a very popular item, judging by all the ‘oohs and ahhs’ in the office here. The presentation is perfect for springtime, in pastel pinks and yellows. The bottoms of the booties are hand-painted with cupcake art and the yellow plaid ribbon laces are fresh and speak of fun days at the park.

    Lucky for me, I have a niece being born in a just a few days! So, I’ll be placing my order shortly. If I were you, I would start scanning your address book to see whom you could send these adorable booties. Whoever the lucky recipient is, I’m sure they will be delighted and grateful.

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