January 2015
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    Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Carving pumpkins, dressing up, watching scary movies, I love it all! Once October 1st rolls around, I am dragging out the Halloween decorations and tuning into my favorite Halloween station on Pandora. Around mid-October, my house is covered in hanging bats, grinning pumpkins, and hairy spiders.

    This year I am really into incorporating fall colors and accents in with my traditional Halloween décor. I have dried autumn leaves sprinkled around my tabletops, small pumpkins on top of my bookcases, and fresh fall flowers in Halloween-themed vases on my end tables.

    If you are like me and love the mix of fall elegance with fun Halloween spookiness, then you will love the seasonal bouquet options at GiftTree. From pumpkin options like the Perfectly Pumpkin Bouquet and Country Pumpkin Bouquet, to the adorably sweet Candy Corn Delight Bouquet, GiftTree has something for everyone’s taste. My personal favorite is the Ghostly Gardens Bouquet, which combines a cute little ghost and headstone with oak leaves, roses, birch branches, and more.  So many fun ways to celebrate the haunting season!

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    One Response to “Halloween”

    1. Halloween is my fave, for sure! And I love all the amazing fall colors we can play with this time of the year!

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