January 2015
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    Gotta Getaway?

    My husband and I are trying to decide between 2 spas for a weekend getaway. The problem is, that both of them offer identical amenities and are comparatively priced as well. One is new and modern and one is rustic and historical. They are even located within miles of each other making the decision all the more difficult. The only thing we can decide on for certain is that we need to get away for some pampering before the holidays come. Fortunately, I won’t have as much trouble deciding which spa set to get my mom for the holidays this year!
    Our Healing Spa Slippers with Amenities Bag is just about as perfect a gift as you can get. You’ll find it in our Spa Gift Baskets section of gifts, and it’s perfect for anyone who needs a little TLC. These things are amazing with their microwavable inserts to keep the toes toasty and warm. I have my eye on one for myself too. Now, about that spa trip..

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