January 2015
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    Got Cookies?

    Celebration Gift Set with Two Dozen CookiesHave you seen our new line of cookie gifts?  Thanks to our amazing design team, we now have one of kind, unique looking cookie boxes that makes our gifts truly special.  One of my personal favorite is the Celebration Gift Set with Two Dozen Cookies.  It comes in 3 different cookie boxes that are all unique and  just drop dead gorgeous.  Its perfect for any occasion at any time of year.  It’s colorful, simple and yet elegant.  I recommend this for every occasion at any age.  Corporate, birthday, graduation or just simply as a Thank you gift.

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    3 Responses to “Got Cookies?”

    1. The boxes are super cute! And the cookies are delicious. The chocolate chip is definitely my favorite :)

    2. I have to agree, made a badge of cookies the other day and they are nothing compare to these..

    3. These new boxes are so cute, I love the new designs. I will definitely be getting this for someone in the future. The cookies are delicious, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

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