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    GiftTree Summer Wedding Contest

    Do you know someone saying, “I do” this summer?  If so, here’s your chance to surprise them!

    3 Ways to Enter, 3 Ways to Win:

    Do one of these or ALL 3 to increase your chances of winning!

    1. Purchase any gift from our Wedding Collection between July 1st and August 31st 2011.
    2. Comment on this post below, sharing the best wedding or relationship advice you’ve given or received.
    3. “Like” us on Facebook if you’re not already a fan, and post a comment on our contest post telling us your favorite GiftTree wedding gift.


    1. $50 GiftTree Gift Card for the happy Bride & Groom
    2. Champagne & Chocolate Gift Set for the happy Bride & Groom and a $50 GiftTree Gift Card for you
    3. Wedding Wishes Grand Champagne Basket for the happy Bride & Groom and a $100 GiftTree Gift Card for you

    Check out our contest page for official rules.

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    9 Responses to “GiftTree Summer Wedding Contest”

    1. My husband & I were married 50 years after my grandparents tied the knot. Just growing up & watching how they cherished one another taught me what kind of marriage I wanted. I never heard either of them say anything hurtful towards one another. They had mutual respect for one another. On our wedding day, my grandpa spoke at our wedding. He asked us to always remember to treat the other better than we do ourselves. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant at the time but 19 years later I understand that he meant to be honored we must honor the other person. And it comes back tenfold.

    2. My aunt just posted these words of wisdom in my online guest book. I believe every one of them.

      #1The hardest year of marriage is the one your in.
      #2It’s a partnership not an ownership.
      #3 You can’t change anyone but yourself so if you don’t like it now it will only bug you more later so either get use to it or get over it.
      #4 Pick your battles.
      #5 Don’t think you always have to fix each others problems, most the time you just need to listen to them.
      #6 Validate each other for who and what you are.
      #7 Respect each other,
      #8 Remember just because you married doesn’t mean you don’t have to still date, dance, sing, have fun.
      #9 Don’t ever say “you can do it on the way back” you never come back and if you do it’s just not the same…trust me.
      #10 Don’t think you will stay the same as you are now…YOU WON’T, you will grow, change, like, and dislike new things all the time. As you “grow old together” watch each other change, and enjoy finding the new in each other.

    3. PICK YOUR BATTLES!!!!!!

    4. Amy Lustig Says:

      Never go to bed angry :) Stay up and fight.
      Amy Lustig
      amyjlustig at gmail dot com

    5. Denise Wilkison Says:

      When we pair up with our soul mate, we are very aware of each other’s individual talents. However, along the way, we may begin to take these for granted. Remember to compliment each other. When hubby mows the lawn (a routine chore), let him know how nice the yard looks when he is done. Maybe he will tell you how fresh his clothes smell after you’ve spent a full day of doing the family’s laundry!

    6. Be RESPECTFUL to each other
      DON’T GIVE UP easily
      It takes TWO to make it work
      Enjoy EACH other’s company
      Make good MEMMORIES,that you’ll be glad to look back at

    7. “Marriage is not a reform school.”

    8. I truely love it. thanks for the information

    9. Good advice Jennifer

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