January 2015
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    Giant Fortune Cookie with Personalized Fortune

    I am always on the lookout for gifts that are unique and make a nice statement!  The Big Impact Gift. I pride myself on sending gifts to family and friends and knowing that they aren’t getting a duplicate of my gift!
    The Giant Fortune Cookie with Personalized Fortune really knocked me out! What could be better than a delicious vanilla fortune cookie covered in dark chocolate?  I’m sure that the other icings are nice too, but DARK CHOCOLATE?  Really, nothing is better than dark chocolate! And what a great way to send someone a message of cheer, a happy birthday, or bon voyage! I can’t wait to buy this gift so that I can design my very own ‘fortune’.

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    One Response to “Giant Fortune Cookie with Personalized Fortune”

    1. Jeannie, my mouth watered a little when I read “Oreo Cookies & Cream.” I might order one for myself!!

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