January 2015
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    Getting to Know You

    Most afternoons I head down the street to our corner Starbucks to get a little afternoon pick-me-up. Ah, a steaming hot Americano – it’s nectar of the gods here in the Pacific Northwest. Lately I’ve noticed a small board hanging where you wait for your coffee that reads “Get to Know Your Baristas.” Each week I read the newest question and I get sucked into reading each and every answer, even if I already have coffee in hand. So I’m totally borrowing, ok blatantly stealing, their idea.

    I know GiftTree employees read this blog so I’m throwing a question out for you all to answer, but anyone can join in. I’ll ask a new question each week. The first question…What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod, your mp3 player, or in your CD player right now? For me, it’s Brittany Spear’s version of My Prerogative. Hey, it’s got a good beat! Oh man, why do I have a feeling this sudden burst of honesty is going to come back and bite me at my next conference room meeting?

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    9 Responses to “Getting to Know You”

    1. Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter”, and Destiny’s Child’s, “Survivor.” I run to them…..oh the horror!

    2. I have “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice… Hey, it brings me back to my early teenage years and the middle school dances, doing the running man! C’mon you know you liked it when it came out, too!!

    3. I don’t know, no one else is answering the question….I think you’re all chickens! Except for Brandy, you rock, well except for your Vanilla Ice Song. Honestly though you’re right I did rock it and whenever it comes on I still rock it!

    4. And you too Jen! :)

    5. I don’t listen to embarrassing music so I don’t really have an answer. : ) but did anyone else hear that the New Kids on the Block are back together?

    6. Hanging Tough!!!! Hee hee I Love it! ;)

    7. “Say You Will Be There” by the Spice Girls..can’t get enuff of the Girls!

    8. Um I knew the New Kids were getting back together..

      I don’t consider it embarrassing but I have “Splish Splash” and “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darrin :D

    9. Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men. My son sings it to me every morning to make sure it’s stuck in my head for my morning commute. He thinks that’s funny…. Woof woof woof woof! He made sure it was on my iPod.

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