January 2015
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    Getting Creative with Wine Gifts

    Reed Diffuser for the Wine Lover

    If you have a wine enthusiast in your life, chances are they already have a wine cellar or an ample private stock, and this can make decisions difficult when purchasing a bottle of wine for a special occasion. So why not give them something unique that will last longer than any single bottle of wine? GiftTree’s Reed Diffuser for the Wine Lover is the perfect answer.

    Cleverly packaged in what appears to be a two-bottle wine crate, this set uses all of the familiar shapes and formalities of the wine world. The vineyard label of “Chateau Agnes” is reminiscent of French wine country, and, inside the box, wine lovers will immediately recognize the distinctive decanter and mini wine bottles. Appropriately, the two scented oils are named Cabernet & Oak and Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay.

    To use, simply pour the “wine” into the decanter and fill with reeds. The rich and effervescent aroma of their favorite vintage will waft across the room. A great way to enhance drinking wine, fine dining, or to create a lavish atmosphere.

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