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    February Flowers

    EnchantmentGuest Blogger: Rhonda

    With February being a month that is filled with talk of love and romance, it is understandable that flowers such as roses, tulips and carnations are often associated with this month. However, a little known fact is that the birth flower for February is the iris, the violet being an alternative.

    The iris flower conveys meanings of faith, wisdom and hope. To some, the dark blue or purple iris denotes royalty, whereas the yellow iris is said to symbolize passion. Irises can also be used to express courage and admiration. Violets, the alternative birth flower for February, stand for faithfulness, purity and modesty. To Victorians, purple colored violets said, I’ll always be true and white or cream colored varieties said, let’s take a chance.

    Lucky for those with celebrations in February, irises and violets are included in many floral arrangements. For a new baby this month, Babies First Bouquet would be a wonderful selection as it includes irises as well as a nice array of pinks, yellows and purples. For that special someone celebrating a birthday this month, violets in the European Basket are brimming with color. And for the wedding anniversary with the love of your life, the Enchantment arrangement, is stunning.

    If you need a new way to tell someone celebrating a birthday in February that they are special to you, irises and violets will most certainly do the trick.

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