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    Father’s Day Contest

    Father’s Day is June 21st this year, which is also the first official day of summer. What says Father’s Day and summer more than BBQ-ing? I can’t think of a single thing! This year, GiftTree would like to get one special dad geared up for some great summer BBQ. All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post telling us one lesson you learned from your dad.

    My dad taught me a lot and there was a bunch more that unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. One thing I am grateful for is that he never treated his 3 daughters as if there was something we couldn’t do because we were girls. He always said we could do anything we wanted. It was just a matter of how hard we were willing to work to get it. I believed him then and I believe now, so thanks, Dad!

    Now, share a little something about what your dad taught you and The Gift Exchange bloggers will select our favorite. The winning dad will receive our Dad’s Professional BBQ Gear gift with his name engraved on the handle of the fork. We’ll also send the winner a GiftTree t-shirt as our thanks to you for nominating a deserving dad.

    Deadline to enter: Midnight (PST) Sunday, June 14th.

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    102 Responses to “Father’s Day Contest”

    1. There are always two sides to every story

    2. Linda White Says:

      My dad taught me to never give up you can do whatever you need to do and get by!

    3. Katherine Frazier Says:

      My Dad taught me things are never really as bad as you think they are at that moment, hang in there and things will improve.

    4. Left handed people RULE!!!! And that if you stick with something, eventually it will work out.

    5. d.e. manning Says:

      My dad taught me it’s better to try and fail than not try at all.

    6. Mary Casper Says:

      My dad taught me that with a little imagination and a lot of hard work you can accomplish anything you want to

    7. Margaret Smith Says:

      My Dad taught me to be patient in situations and to think out a resolution.
      What a wonderful prize. Thanks for offering this.

    8. susan varney Says:

      my dad taught me to do whatever i think is the right thing to do mverno@roadunner.com

    9. MRS.MOMMYY Says:

      my dad taught me believe in your dreams

    10. patrick m Says:

      i was taught as long as you have tried your best you should be happy with yourself.

    11. He taught me how to drive a stick, shoot a gun, and to make a friend out of a stranger.

    12. My father taught me invaluable puns that will stay with me the rest of my life- now I can humiliate and generally displease any and everybody around me!



    14. barbara wright Says:

      My Dad taught me that you can do ANYTHING you really want to. This is a double-edged sword since it’s really annoying having to live with The Little Engine Who Can’t!

    15. My dad taught me someones day is always worse than yours

    16. Carol Lawrence Says:

      We lived on a farm when I was young and my dad taught me love of animals and how to care for them.

    17. Pamela Callahan Says:

      My dad taught me that “Quitting Accomplishes Nothing”!

    18. My dad taught me how to candle eggs.

    19. My dad taught me honesty, that was his mose priceless advice.

    20. most of my dad’s brothers died very young so he says to keep going you have to keep moving

    21. My dad taught me to search inside myself to over come all problems.

    22. My dad taught me that patience is everything. Be Honest and Kind and others will treat you the same. Thank you

    23. My dad taught me that people really do change for the better, and that forgiveness is essentially for emotional growth.

    24. Eric Breunig Says:

      My dad taught me how to fish.

    25. Sylvia Belle Says:

      My husband would be happy

    26. Vicky Boackle Says:

      i learned my work ethic from my dad.

    27. Sandra Elias Says:

      My dad has taught me how to be strong and a hardworker, even till this day that he has been diagnosed with ALS he teaches me how to not let things get to me and to enjoy life no matter what and to never give up on life.

    28. well sadly my real dad died when i was two but my step tought me to play the bass and never give up and now im currently in one of the best bands in the area

    29. My Dad taught me to do my very best, even if I am not the greatest.

    30. beth shepherd Says:

      My father figure was my grandfather. He was a wonderful man that never let me down. I loved being with him as he loved me unconditionally. He taught me about farming and about God. I am truly thankful to him for all he has done for me and I miss him terribly but I know someday I will see him again. He was a truly remarkable man and I was lucky to know him.
      Thank you for the chance

    31. It took my dad getting incurably ill for me to realize what he meant to me. I never took time to think about everything he has done for me…

      My dad taught me how to: walk, talk, swim, whistle, fish, hunt, drive a stick, use four wheel drive, ride a dirt bike, use a rope swing, skip a rock on the river, know what poison oak is, use four wheel drive, put my money in the bank, do well in school, listen to what people have to say, respect the outdoors and ALL its animals, love and support your family no matter what, you can count your truest friends on one hand, catch more bees with honey, take it with a grain of salt, and to ALWAYS tell the truth… even when a lie sounds better.

      He taught me everything I know. And he always wanted the best for me. I realize it now. I love my dad.

    32. Natasha Marshall Says:

      My biological father left me when I was about three years old and my step-father of the time adopted me without hesitation. My father taught me to have fun in life. He taught me to laugh and experience the world. He has taught me that everything will pass. If there is a hard time I am going through I know that it will pass and everything will improve. My father has taught me the simple everyday things that a father teaches his chirldren. But the most important thing my father has taught me is to be myself, and exactly who I am.
      So thanks dad, I never say how much you really mean to me.

    33. Suzanne Higbee Says:

      My dad taught me what unconditional love is. He taught me to respect myself and others. My dad taught me to enjoy life and enjoy the differences that makes each of us unique.

    34. My dad has taught me so many things. There are too many things to count. He is a very special dad. He always has an answer and always knows which way to turn (unless he many be driving!). As I have grown up, I’ve realized so many dreams of my. They are small dreams, but my biggest dream is that the majority of them come true. My dad taught me to stay determined and believe in myself. So far I have done just that. So far I have fulfilled many of my dreams. I owe my life to my dad. He gives me a message that is life’s key so quietly. He gives me my strength through that one quiet message. There aren’t enough ways to repay him.

    35. Lisa Gauthier Says:

      My dad treats everyone with kindness and respect and judges no one. When I was younger, I would get embarassed when he started conversations with strangers while we waited in the doctor’s office. I now admire him for his uninhibited zest for life and his compassion for all people. I love you dad.

    36. My Dad(Brandon) taught me to always try my hardest no matter what it was I was doing.

      He is still a role model to this day even as I’m getting older.

      Thanks for a great contest!


    37. My father taught me many things. Foremost was the importance of family and to stick together through thick and thin. He was very loyal and devoted to his parents and other relatives, and I’ve carried on that tradition with my own family.

      Some other smaller things he taught me was to LOVE music and to enjoy watermelon!!


    38. Lucy Schwartz Says:

      My dad taught me to be true to myself.

    39. whippetmom Says:

      My dad taught me how to drive a stick shift.

    40. my dad taught me to value the people in my life now before it’s too late

    41. My dad always said that there is nothing that could not be fixed by a day of fishing.

    42. My Dad is an amazing man and has taught me so many important lessons in my life. I think the most important thing he taught me about is the value of unconditional love. When I was a teenager and a young adult, I became very rebellious. I ran away multiple times, used drugs, lied, cheated and took advantage of anyone that I came into contact with. My father never gave up hoping for my return “home” to the values and principles I had been raised with. After months and years of poor decisions and behavior, I returned home as a “prodigal daughter” and was welcomed in with love and open arms. I learned a lesson here, not so much in words, but in actions. Never give up hope, always believe in love and have great faith – great things will happen if you just believe (though maybe not on our expected “schedule”)

    43. My dad has taught me to stay positive through tough times, currently he is going through chemotherapy for colon cancer that spread to his liver, his nickname is Possum. But the person I would like to talk about is my brother. He has taught me that Real Men Step Up…. he married a girl who had 2 boys, she could no longer have children which means no children of his own. So my brother became a great dad to her boys. He always grills for our entire family so it would be cool to get those grilling utinsels for him for father’s day. His name is Paul but we call him Pauly-wog

    44. Hello,

      My dad is GREAT!!! He taught me that “the truth will set me free”. I am 17 years old and have endured a great deal of drama and emotional distress due to my parents divorce after 17 years of marriage. There are a lot of creepy comments from my mother about my father, however, after having lived with him for awhile, I’ve learned that he is a VERY honest man and “has nothing to hide”, so ask all of the questions you want. I have, and I really do believe him. He is a GREAT dad and the proof is in the pudding, as they say. He will ALWAYS answer my calls and do the best that he can to make my requests happen. He deserves to have the best of everything.


    45. My father taught me through his actions towards my mother that women were to be loved and above all, respected. He never spoke out of anger, he never raised a hand to any of us, and he showed me that real men nurture and support their women to become whatever they choose to be. He made me feel beautiful and loved, and I continued that with my own husband. Too many women have a terrible father figure and in turn they fall into cycles of abuse or disrespect with their own partners. I thank my father for all he did for us.

    46. My dad taught me many good things to live my life by but one that I try to implement everyday is to not to judge people quickly.

      :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

    47. My dad taught me that I could do anything (and to take a joke!)

    48. My father taught me to never be too proud to ask for help.

    49. my dad taught me that i am stronger than i think i am, to love with all my heart no matter the cost and to be able to laugh even at myself.

    50. Toby Scales Says:

      My Dad was a successful jazz pianist for many years, until he was struck suddenly by a neurological disease which exhibited MS-like symptoms. I was ten years old at the time, and remember fearing self-consciously that my father’s new wheelchair would be a source of derision for the bullies at school.

      However, to my father’s great credit he bore his suffering with dignity; and watching him I learned that tragedy is a natural part of living, changing, and growing. He taught me that getting through the hard times is a matter of staying connected to the people you love. And his dedication to one day playing piano again taught me that with willpower, anything is possible.

      Twenty years later, his disease is in remission. The fingers I watched grasp tenuously at the wheels of his chair have renewed their strength, and he can again call forth a lively melody from an inanimate keyboard. I love my father for shaping me into the man I am.

    51. My Dad has always taught me and my sister to uphold our committments, and he always says, “Your word is your bond!” He lives by this statetent, and because of it he’s the best dad in the world. What makes my Dad the best is that he plays the role of “Dad” and “Mom” since he has raised me and my older sister as a single parent. He works so hard every day, he has his own business, but he still makes time for ball games, dance recitals, track meets or whatever my sister and I are involved in. My Dad is totally committed to being the best parent he can be. We can tell Dad anything. He listens to us vent, he hugs us when we cry, and he corrects us when we need it. Our house burned in December, but my sister and I knew that when Dad said it would all be ok, it would be ok. We knew our dad would work non-stop until he had it built back, and that’s exactly what he did. We know if we need anything, he will make it happen. He’s a “dad” to all our friends as well. They all call him “Daddy Matt.” His girlfriend has two boys who he also treats like his own children. We have all become like one big family, and he is the Dad who loves us all. He does everything from play Playstation with them to coach them in wrestling or train them at the gym. They would say he deserves some kind of “Dad of the Year” award as well. He is also teaching them that their word is their bond. He also takes care of anything his mother needs since she is a widow. He cuts her grass, takes care of her car, whatever she needs. He is the most unselfish person on the planet! He does all this and still manages to also be the best cook ever! My dad is the best, and is teaching me to be faithful to my committments.

    52. My dad has always taught me to be myself. If someone doesn’t like you for who you are, forget about them, they are not worth my friendship. Thanks for the giveaway!

    53. Louis Davila Says:

      Thank you for all the good stuff

    54. My dad taught me how to play baseball.

    55. christine A Says:

      My dad let me be I wanted to be and learn things on my own but was there if I needed him.

    56. my dad taught me how not to walk away from your kids, like he did.

    57. My dad taught me in a nutshell to be kind, giving and caring and to pay everything in cash, he was right, wise man!

    58. Sherry Eckman Says:

      He taught me that you don’t have to be a “Biological” father to make a great dad!

    59. Kathy Scott Says:

      My dad is the King of the BBQ.

    60. The most imortant thing I learned was patience. Sooner or later things will work out, you will learn, and the garden will grow. Thanks for this offer.

    61. My dad taught me through his actions and words to be geniunely kind to everyone you meet!

    62. Sharon Seneker Says:

      My Father taugh me “If you start something, you must finish it!”. Great Father’s Day giveaway! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

    63. Beverley Justice Says:

      One of my dad’s favorite expressions when I was growing ups was, “You pay for your education and you get what you pay for.”

    64. My Dad taught me many things. tolerance, laughter, sports, hunting, fishing and hard work.

    65. My dad taught me in the ins and outs of the real estate buisness. He also taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

    66. My dad taught me to be responsible

    67. Susan Ledet Says:

      My Dad has taught me so much and continues to teach me more. The main thing that he taught me was to be kind and caring and always help others.
      I would love to win this for my friend and hero…my Dad.

    68. My dad taught me to be honest, work hard, save a little money for a rainy day, be giving, to laugh, to forgive, and to have fun!


    69. nerrie jane Says:

      The greatest lesson that my father taught me was, on the day of my wedding, as we walk down the aisle, he was whispering to me… THIS IS IT MY CHILD. THE MAN OF YOUR LIFE IS INFRONT OF YOU NOW. YOU WILL NOT ONLY MARRYING HIM BUT ALL OF HIM… LOVE AND RESPECT HIS PARENTS FOR WITHOUT THEM HE WONT BE HERE… AND AFTER THAT WORDS, I CRIED. I AM 9 YEARS MARRIED NOW AND I CAN SAY, IT WQRKS!!!

    70. Jennifer gersch Says:

      Never ever say I can’t always say I can

    71. My dad always taught me to relax and not take life too seriously. Oh, and ‘righty tighty, lefty loosey’.

    72. michelle lopez Says:

      My dad taught me to suck it up and push through it. Made me the strong woman I am today.

    73. amy delong Says:

      the best thing my dad ever taught me was not to cry over spilled milk!


    74. My Dad allways taught me its nice to be nice

    75. Veronica Garrett Says:

      I learned to be true to yourself.

    76. Always be true to yourself

    77. john ferris Says:

      He taught me to put Jesus first in my life,belive in GOD,
      put family second, always be honest,work hard, live right
      and do not be prejudice. Treat everyone with respect regardless of who and what they are, young or old.
      He taught me many more thigs, but these are the basics.

    78. My dad taught me that no matter how small your income is you can always save a little. Those pennies add up to dollars and you will always have a little to fall back on when times get tough.

    79. My Dad taught me many things. One thing he taught, through words and through example, was to give back to the community. He did this by volunteering for many positions in the small town I grew up in, and is now on the village board. He also made sure I knew that we were to buy locally as much as possible. He rarely went to the downtown stores if the local stores had the product he was looking for, like the lumberyard, the Western Auto, the grocer. The people running these stores were our neighbors, some were friends and relatives as well. I now live in the suburbs and see many smaller stores having hard times and closing, including stores owned by neighbors. I regret their closing, as we no longer have the local options we once had, and the neighborhood feels lessened without caring local retailers that re-invested in our community.

    80. I’ve always had a fear of failure. My dad has taught me that no matter what happens, there is always tomorrow.

    81. My dad (stepdad) taught me to love, he is not my father by blood but you would never know that he loves me and my children more than anything.

    82. My dad has taught me more “life lessons” than I could even count, but most importantly, he taught me to always think of others, and that little acts of kindness can have a bigger impact on another person’s life than you may realize :)

    83. My dad had not always been there for me as a child. However as we grew older and I reconnected with my dad I learned to always put your child first. If it was not for my dads behaviors and my child hood being very un child like I probably would have put my child through the bad I went threw. But I new it hurt me as a child and I wasnt gonna let my daughter go through it as well.

    84. The most important thing my dad has ever taught me is that I don’t have to have a lot of money to be happy. He was one of few people who supported me when I left my good job in the city and moved to a small mountain town where I make way less money. I’m way happier here!

    85. My Dad taught me patience… “in time good things will come”. ;)

    86. Virginia Grant Says:

      My dad is my very existance. He is my best friend and I can rest in his arms. Even is this contest never existed, I will always feel the same about him.

    87. Wow this is a tough one because he has taught me so much… I guess one thing that stands out to me is how something so small can go a long way.

      When my twin sister and I were growing up, my Dad would always take us to the park. And instead of bringing a newspaper and reading on a bench as we entertained ourselves (like all the other parents there), he played with us from the second we got there until the second we reluctantly left. As the other children there noticed how much fun we were having, they would always ask if they could join in and before we knew it, my Dad was leading the playground game of Hide N Go Seek every, single time. I remember being so proud to be able to call him MY Dad. Looking back on that, I realized that it doesn’t take much to do something that just might mean the world to someone else.

      I’m getting married in September and my Dad and I are dancing to “I Loved Her First”, in which the song states “I was enough for her, not long ago… I was her #1, she told me so.” Well my Dad is always going to be my #1 (just don’t tell my fiance!)

      Thanks for this opportunity to let people know how great my Dad is!

    88. My dad taught me to be independent and resourceful.

    89. Randy Bailey Says:

      My dad taught me 2 B Honest and kind 2 others

    90. My father taught me the importance of continuing my education no matter what obstacles come into your life. He was a great example of this and we’re grateful to have him as a part of our lives.

    91. Once we’re finished with school, we continue to learn just as much, but instead of learning facts, we learn about people.

    92. My Dad taught me to be a hard worker and determined person

    93. He taught me to work hard and take care of your family.

    94. my dad taught me that I was no better than others and no one was better than me:)we are all equal:)ty 4 the great, awesome giveaway, and 4 the entry:)

    95. I learned to be kind to everyone.

    96. My dad was the only male in the house of four kids (even the animals were female!), and we were taught all kinds of things, from math and grammar to changing the oil in the car. All the girls turned into independent women (and yes, we correct grammar, thank you, Dad!) who aren’t afraid of challenges, corny jokes or math problems.

    97. Suanne Giddings Says:

      My father taught me to never loan a family member money! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

    98. My dad taught me to always do my best.

    99. I don’t celebrate this day as I don’t see my father any more so for me its just another day, but I can’t wait for my boyfriend and I to have a baby so that we can celebrate the day for him

    100. nidrea roberson Says:

      my dad taught me to be strong and work hard.

    101. Diana Barlow Says:

      My fathers best gift to me would be the knowledge that my son will never be too young or to old to play super hero with his grandfather. Whether it is fixing a pipe, changing the oil, or making cupboards from scratch my little man is by his side, hard hat on his head, plastic tools on his belt. I can only hope that my son will grow up to be the kind of man my father already is.

    102. sounds like a great thing that is happening.

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