January 2015
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    Egg Hunts and Chocolate Bunnies

    Edible Chocolate Box

    Easter in my family was always one of the most exciting holidays. Perhaps it was because I believed in the Easter Bunny well beyond the normal age of 6 years old. (I think I was 10 before I finally had to admit it was my mother hiding the basket behind the chair on Easter morning.) Maybe it was just all the chocolate I could eat that made me love the holiday. Whatever it was, I was sold on it.

    Easter is really early this year (March 23rd). GiftTree is offering some really great chocolates specifically suited for Easter celebrations. My favorite is the Edible Chocolate Box. It is a box made entirely of white and dark chocolate and then filled with 18 truffles. Another one is the Chocolate Easter Basket. It is a really simple, eco-friendly paper mache basket filled with egg shaped truffles. The truffles in the gift are a little more cutting edge than most (try the peanut butter and jelly – it’s great!)

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