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    Easter Egg Hunt Contest

    Every kid I know loves Easter egg hunts, but I bet there are a few adults who like them too. We’re having our own version of an Easter egg hunt here at GiftTree.


    Winner #1: There is a pink foil egg shown in one of our Easter baskets on GiftTree.com. Find the pink foil egg and be the first to post a comment telling us which gift the egg is in. The first person to find the egg will win the adorable bunny basket shown here in this blog post.

    Winner #2: There are two Easter baskets on GiftTree.com that show a chocolate easter bunny with a ribbon around his neck. Leave a post telling us what color the ribbon is. A winner will be randomly selected from those who post the correct answer. The winner will receive a $25 gift card.

    Winner #3: But wait, there’s more! “Like” GiftTree on Facebook, if you’re not already a fan, and leave a comment on our contest post telling us how you eat a chocolate bunny. – Head first, body first, etc. One randomly selected winner will receive a $25 gift card.

    Now “hop” to it and thanks for playing!

    Deadline to enter: Midnight (PST) Thursday, April 21st. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

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    30 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt Contest”

    1. This is adorable! I wish I had this! <3

    2. Pink foil egg is in the All-Natural Easter Basket

    3. Chocolate rabbit has a yellow ribbon around it’s neck

    4. Oh and yellow…….

    5. Boo – the responses were broken :( Stephanie beat me but I posted on Facebook that the pink foil egg is in the all-natural easter basket

    6. IN the classic easter asst. the bunny has on a yellow ribbon

    7. LIke on FB and I just eat the whole thing~

    8. Jaclyn Reynolds Says:

      FB fan and I eat the ears first!

    9. The 2 chocolate bunnies each have a yellow ribbon around their neck.

    10. susan varney Says:

      i could like it mverno@roadrunner.com

    11. Marilyn Wons Says:

      Yellow Ribbon around his neck!

    12. Soha Molina Says:

      I eat it head first

    13. I’m a FB fan, and I always eat the ears first, and always have done that.

    14. have to go with the ears first!

    15. beth shepherd Says:
    16. Kelly Skermont Says:

      Yellow ribbon! :)

    17. Natalie J. Vandenberghe Says:

      I like you on Facebook
      Unfortunately, I was too late to enter the first two giveaways.
      I eat the head first (sorry)
      Thanks for the giveaway.

    18. The bunnies have yellow ribbons! Thanks!

    19. Like GiftTree on FB under Rene Denning and I eat the outside edges 1st then the middle. Thanks!

    20. Yellow ribbon is around his neck

    21. Christal Couturier Says:

      Like gifttree on facebook and I start with the ears first dipped in peanut butter

    22. Celeste Wills Says:

      Yellow Ribbon.

      Celeste F Wills

    23. Celeste Wills Says:

      I Liked Gifttree on FAcebook.

      Celeste F Wills

    24. Mary Gardner Says:

      the two bunnies have yellow ribbons around their necks

      jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

    25. Mary Gardner Says:

      i Like” GiftTree on Facebook and i eat the candy eyes first

      jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

    26. The chocolate bunnies have yellow ribbons

    27. Diane Baum Says:

      Ouch…I think I’m too late 2 bunnies each with 1 yellow ribbon tied around his/her neck. Look closely and you will also find the pink foil egg in the basket. This is fun, We have 2hunts at my house -1 for kids and 1 for adults. We put money in the plastic eggs for the adults.

    28. Veronica Garrett Says:

      The bunny’s ribbon is yellow.

    29. Veronica Garrett Says:

      I like GiftTree on Facebook. I eat the legs and ears first.

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