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    Corporate Gifts Q & A: Account Features

    I am glad I get to write about this next topic, account features. Our extremely talented IT team here at GiftTree has really made the GiftTree website very user centric. Our website is not only easy to use to place orders but our account features can be used to easily manage, track, and plan your past and future gift orders. We touched a little on the topic of account features in our previous Corporate Gifts Q & A post on occasion gift programs where we discussed the occasion reminders feature and managing contacts. We also talked about sharing payment methods in the complex billing post but there are so many more account features to talk about. Fortunately I just got a question in from a long-time corporate customer which gives me a chance to blog about all of the great features we have created for our customers.

    Q: I just heard back from a client about the gift basket I sent using your company. They loved it. I also sent a gift basket a few months ago to another client of mine but I am not able to find their address anywhere now and I need to make sure I have it for my records. I was wondering if there is a way I can look at some of the orders I’ve placed with you in the past so I can get the address.

    A: I would be happy to help. All of the orders you’ve placed with us can be found by logging into your account. To login, visit the GiftTree Web site and then click the words My Account in the top right hand corner of the page. You will then need to enter the email address you used to place the order and your password and press the login button. If you don’t have your password, it’s OK. You can leave that field blank so you can move on to the page where you can obtain your password by email.

    I want to also share with you all of the features that are available in your account. I will go ahead and break up the description of the account features by categories, just like they are listed when you log into your account.

    My Orders

    In this category, you can view the recipient’s address, view a picture of the gift or gift basket you sent, print a receipt, and even track orders sent by FedEx.

    Account Settings

    This is an important category if you need to update any of your information with us. You can also sign up for our email specials and our catalog by clicking the subscriptions link.

    Payment & Billing

    In this category, you can securely save a payment method so you don’t have to enter it each time you order. See Complex Billing for more information.

    My Address Book

    Here you can manage your gift contacts. See Occasion Gift Programs for more information.

    Other Tools

    Under this category, you can view coupons that we’ve emailed you in the past and also set-up occasion reminders. You can also see Occasion Gift Programs for more information.

    Corporate Services

    This is where you can find bulk order forms and instructions. See Occasion Gift Programs for additional information on this topic.

    Further Assistance

    If you ever need any further assistance, you can always call our corporate services team at 800.379.4064, send an email to corporateservices[at]gifttree[dot]com, or even chat with us online.

    Have you missed a few posts from the Corporate Gifts Q&A series? You can still catch up by checking out complex billing, promotional gifts, occasion gift programs, and shipping on demand.

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