February 2015
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    Win a Gift for Mom From GiftTree.com

    Gourmet Gift Baskets: Chicken Soup for a Mother’s Soul Gourmet Gift BasketMother’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve been looking at what GiftTree has available to help me tell my mom how much she means to me. We have several gifts that she would absolutely love – The Chicken Soup for a Mother’s Soul Gourmet Gift Basket would be a huge hit, but the Mother’s Day Wildflower Garden is adorable and has a sentimental message painted on the flower pot…What’s a girl to do…How about take advantage of my employer’s public blog to give my mom a Mother’s Day shout out for the world to see!

    Mom, Thank you for being you and thank you for teaching me by example how to be a better mom. I love you! Jen

    Now it’s your turn. Post a comment below with a special message to your mom and you’ll be entered in our Mother’s Day drawing. The Gift Exchange contributors will choose our favorite message. The winner will receive The Chicken Soup for a Mother’s Soul Gourmet Basket, keep it for yourself or better yet, we can send it directly to your mom for you.

    Deadline to Enter: Midnight (PST) Wednesday, April 30th.

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    252 Responses to “Win a Gift for Mom From GiftTree.com”

    1. Mom-we are all going through a lot right now, but I know everything will be okay. You have the bravest face of all for Daddy and that will keep him strong. I have put it all in God’s hands. Your courage keeps my faith strong. I love you so much-leelee

    2. Mom, you’re the best. That simply says it all. You really are.

    3. Mom, I miss you so much, I hate us being so far apart from each other.
      I miss so much sitting on the back porch talking for hours about nothing with you.
      I miss the way we could understand each others dry humor when no one else could and the Saturdays at the mall we would spend together.
      There is a huge void in my life since you moved I miss you so much it hurts sometime.
      You have always been my best friend and I appreciate you more now then ever.
      I love you mom! Can’t wait to see you again.
      Happy mother’s day to the best mom in the world!
      Your baby girl,

    4. Mom, remember when you lovingly cursed me by saying “I hope your children are just like you”? Not only are they just like me, I turned out just like you and that’s a good thing. Thanks Mom, I love you “three more times”.

    5. Rozetta Harvey Says:

      Mom, I just want you to know how very grateful I am to have had you for my mother. I miss you terribly, now that you are no longer here on earth with me; but I am just so thankful for the time we had together. You were the best Mom anyone could ever be – always putting everyone else before yourself. You were me strength, and I am forever thankful for all that you taught me.
      With all my love,

    6. margaret herrin Says:

      Thanks for being such a great mom.

    7. Margaret Smith Says:

      Mom, you’ve been a great Mother and Grandmother and we love you so much. We worry about you and your health each day and hope you feel better very soon. The only thing I would want for Mothers day is for you to get well. Love, Peg

    8. Louise Brouillette Says:

      I miss you, Mama

    9. Mom, I’m sorry you don’t have the chance to say these things to your mom, but I’m glad to have the chance to say them to you. Thanks for everything you put up with when I was a teenager. Thanks, also, for carrying me around in your belly for nine months. I love you!

    10. Mom, I know having six kids was never easy, but it never ceases to amaze me that we never felt we were ever missing out on anything we wanted to try. Though I know you struggled, I want you to know how much all us kids appreciate everything you did for us growing up. I love you lots Mom

    11. Tracy Iglesias Says:

      Not many mothers have given their child life twice, thanks for saving my life mom, you’re the best!

    12. Adrienne Gordon Says:

      Mom, sorry for all the trouble I caused when I was young, thansk for sticking by me.

    13. Marilyn Wons Says:

      Mom you are my rock and are forever in my heart. I will always love you.

    14. Sydney Mathis Says:

      For the Mom Diva who has almost everything, Mom – this is for you. Enjoy this spot of cheer to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is one day set aside to honor mothers, but each and every day, I honor you.

    15. Mom, thanks for raising me with morals and abilities
      to make it throught this world with my head held high.

    16. Mom, we share a very special bond. You know when something’s wrong and you never hesitate to show me you love me. Even now, when I’m grown and gone you still call to tell me how proud you are of me. Just recently you told me that I was the daughter you dreamed of. Well, you were the mother I dreamed of before I even knew what a mother was. You have loved and supported me and I will always be there for you and love you all of my life. Thank you for being my mother.

    17. My Mom is the best. I can’t say enough on what she did for me all these years. People don’t understand what this woman has done for the whole family. Love always.

    18. Mom, thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. You are a great woman, mother & grandmother.

      Happy Mother’s Day!!!

      Love Eric

    19. Mom – Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I miss not seeing you anymore. The kids are really growing up, you’d be surprised! Happy Mother’s Day.

    20. Tonya Keener Says:

      Mom I love you very very much. You are a true angel from heaven

    21. I lost my mother 30 years ago; didn’t have her nearly long enough and really miss her.

    22. BECCA ROBINSON Says:


    23. Linda Lansford Says:

      I miss you, Mom.

    24. Dear Mom, I grow to appreciate you more and more each day. Raising a toddler on my own helps me understand how much both a mother and a father have to participate in a child’s life. Being a father who has to act as both Mom and Dad for my child is extremely hard sometimes, but your advice and my experience of being raised by you, has helped me tremendously. I love you, Mom. Thank you very much.

    25. john iavarone Says:

      Would love to win this.

    26. Vicky Boackle Says:

      mother,you are the best.you can do anything and have always been my inspiration.

    27. I miss you mom, but Aunt Glenda is taking good care of me! If I win, it will go to her. Love you! T

    28. mom, i know times were hard over the years, but you did so well taking care of us, despite what you were going through. 27 years of marriage, and finally… the divorce took it’s toll on you, we all know that, but i can see already that you are healing and things are looking up. i love you.

    29. Erica Beernink Says:

      Dear Mom,

      You were there for me when I had nothing left and thought I’d lost everyone and everything – even my mind. When I first became schizophrenic and was hospitalized in a psych ward you flew from Boston to California just to be with me. You were by my side within 4 or 5 hours of hearing of my hospitalization, you didn’t even falter in your determination to be there for me and support me in those dark times. I remember I cried for an hour and you brought me a huge teddy bear with a card I’ll never forget. Thank you for being so strong for me when I couldn’t and thank you for being the best mom that you could ever be. You inspired me to take charge of my illness and now, years later, I’m symptom free. This, I allot to the fact that you supported me so thoroughly asnd believed in me so much that I eventually started to believe in myself. I love you mom for all that you are and all that you will be in the years to come. And I hope, someday, when you’re having troubles, I can be there to support you unconditionally. Love, Erica

    30. Jennifer Barnett Says:

      Thanks for teaching me to be open-minded and thoughtful of the feelings of others. Mom you have provided a great example for me.

    31. Rachel Fox Says:

      Hey Mama! I know when I moved, it put a huge void in both of our lives. I miss you just as much now as the day we left. I know it’s not the same talking via IM or the couple times a week we fit it in, but it sure does brighten my day! I love you more than you’ll ever know! You’ve been the best mom I could ever ask for! Thanks for not only being my mother, but also my best friend! Happy Mother’s Day! Lotsa love to you always!

    32. Mother,I’m sorry you’re not here for me to tell you, I understand why things were the way they were between us…But, I’m sure you’d be happy and proud of me to know that things with my girls and I are great. We are the best of friends. We really enjoy being with each other and sharing time together…It’s ok Mother, I changed things. The circle got broken for the better…

    33. Robin Little Says:

      Mom was the best. A great heart and groovy dresser.

    34. Catherine KingChuparkoff Says:

      Although we may have differed on boys, politics, religion, and just about everything else, you raised me to stand up for my beliefs and help me to be who I am today. Now, I can pass that passion on to my two daughters-Thank you, Mom!

    35. Mom, at 72, your still number 1 for all five us us kids!

    36. Dear mom,

      I love you, miss you, and think of you often. I wish you were still here with us. I miss our chats the most and seeing the bright smile on your face. Thank you for teaching me so much about life and how to handle it!

    37. Monique Rizzo Says:

      Mom, I miss you so much. You left us too early but I guess it was time for you to be an angel. I wish you could see your granddaughter, it is like tooking into your eyes. I love you Mamma.

    38. to my lovely daughter, Sarah, who will celebrate her first Mother’s Day this year: It will be 3 years this week that my mom died and you know how much I miss her. But then 10 months ago you added a brand-new life to our family to love, and through Lillia, you’ve made me so much more aware of the fact that life goes on and that we should be thankful for any amount of time that we’re given with the people in our lives. We’re each only given a certain amount of time on this earth and none of us knows for certain when our life will end~~that’s why we need to make the best of everything we have now and fully enjoy it all. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but my wish for you is that you enjoy every precious moment that you have with your little girl because she will grow up way too soon-like you did to me. It’s not always going to be easy, and there will be times when you’ll wonder if you’ll ever know what a full-night’s sleep is again~~~~but you’ll also have more love and more memories through your lifetime than a lot of people…..because you are now a MOM….
      I love you~~~happy first mother’s day!

    39. Linda Ellis Says:

      Hey mom, see you soon!

    40. Teri Meairs Says:

      I am having some serious health issues, and I know it has been difficult for my family watching me go through this, but I would like my mother to know it has been an honor being her daughter, and I can’nt imagine anyone doing a finer job than she has! I’ve written a poem, the names I mention are names of family members..

      Bound For Heaven

      Don’t be dismayed by the pine box, that my body lies within.
      It’s just a place for my bones to hide, my soul is Bound for Heaven!
      I thank you all, I love you all,..you’re here for mom and me,
      I ask you please, don’t shed no tears, The Butterflies are free!
      I worry about my children, as any mother would. They’re proberbly really sad right now, hug them for me if you could.
      My children, Michael and Erin, My biggest source of pride and joy. The depth of my love can’t be described, My baby girl and boy.
      Mike, and Teri Lea, you’re wife, I thank you from my heart- for taking such good care of them, when I could’nt do my part.
      Deb, and Bubba, I know you’re here! I love you more than you know. I have always felt your love for me, I’ll take it with me where I go!
      Sarah, we’ve had our moments, but I love you like you were mine.
      I’m proud you’re part of our family, I know you’ll do just fine.
      Frankie, the man I married, You’ve cared for me so well.
      I thank you and I loved you, though at times it was hard to tell.
      Dad, we’ve had our ups and downs, but deep down I always knew, that you did really love me, and daddy, I love you.
      Mom, my precious mother, I don’t know where to start. So many things to so many people, you have the most generous heart!
      You taught me about Jesus, how he always held my hand.
      I can tell you now, without a doubt, I’m headed for Gloryland!
      Mother, I can’nt put in words, what all you are to me.
      I’ll smile whenever I think of you, and I’ll see you in Gallalee!
      The rest of my friends and family, you know who you are,
      I could’nt mention you all by name, but thank you from my heart.
      God Bless You All,..I’ll see you on the Other Side!

    41. Rosa Bartolucci Says:

      Mom thank you so much for teaching your son how to be a responsible and family oriented man

    42. Mom, you’re the most generous person and the greatest role model I know.

    43. Mom, you are a kind and loving mother and the best a mother could possibly be. I love you with all my heart!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

    44. Jennifer M. Says:

      Mom, I didn’t appreciate you enough until I had my own daughter!

    45. It takes many years of growing up to realize how great your mother was, so for those who still have their mothers, cheris the days.

    46. vicki logan Says:


    47. Paige Chandler Says:

      Mom. I promise I’ll call.

    48. Carol Harrity Says:

      My mom is in heaven with two of my sisters and one brother. I feel her love and wisdom everyday and know she is watching over me. Thanks for all you gave to your children Mom.

    49. Kimberly Wood Says:

      I am glad that we were able to move back to the area. I wished your health would improve, but I enjoy the days where I see you getting stronger.It is nice getting to spend more time with you, although work, a family, and college continue to take my time I am enjoying our time even more. I am glad that I was blessed with your patience, because I use it on a daily basis at home and work.
      I wished I had more time and money- we would go somewhere fun and have a recent fun memory to hold on to. Maybe once I graduate! Thankx Mom for everything!

    50. Tiffany Criss Says:

      Mommy, I love and I wish I could see you more often.

    51. Kimberly Wood Says:

      Thanks for everything Mom. I wished that I had more time and money to enjoy together-Maybe someday!! You’re in my prayers and on my mind.

    52. Mom – I miss you dearly. Please make sure my mansion in heaven is right next to yours. I wish you were still here. I greatly miss talking to you. I sure miss you mom and I sure love you!!



    54. ashley robertson Says:

      Mom – thanks for loving me when I was an unruly child, and ungrateful teen, a know it all twenty-something. More importantly, thanks for loving me enough not to wish Riley will give me a dose of my own medicine.

    55. Mom,
      Even though I don’t always show it, you mean the world to me.

    56. We’ve been through many ups and downs but you are always respected, loved and cherished in my heart. ;-) Happy Mother’s Day! God Bless ^A^ Thanks.

    57. Patricia Simpkin Says:

      Mother, you are the sweetest, most adorable darling little parent in the entire world! My thoughts are always with you. Love forever!

    58. Denise Mower Says:

      I really miss you mommy.

    59. Allen McLeod Says:

      We love and miss you.

    60. jffryclough Says:

      simply the best

    61. susan lee wiener Says:

      “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”

      I may not be the kind of daughter
      most moms would hanker for.
      I know I’ll never be rich,
      probably not even secure.

      I don’t have looks like Taylor,
      diamonds I’ll never possess.
      My grades throughout school
      have never been the best.

      But my mom thinks I’m wonderful –
      She tells me all the time.
      That explains why my mom is
      a special friend of mine.

      And that’s why I thank her
      For being there for me.
      Happy Mother’s Day, Mom
      The best is yet to be.

    62. I miss you mom. You are with me every day in my heart. You were the best of the best.

    63. Roseann Kies Says:

      She’s the best Mom ever! Anything we do for her is only a speck of what she’s done for us!

    64. David Coward Says:

      I love my mom

    65. Carolyn Nedrow Says:

      Thank you, Mom, for the example you have been to me of sacrificial love!

    66. Mom, you will always be my stuperstar. I miss you so much it hurts. I love you so much and you are with me all the time.

    67. Barry Gentry Says:

      To my mom the best. I know that you have through hell alot these days battling throat cancer for almost 2 years now. I really hope that you can beat this thing. Happy mothers day mom.

    68. Peggy Banta Says:

      I love my mother for so many reasons it’s hard to compile them all and put them into words. She taught me how to be a lady. She showed me how to check the back of my hair, not just in the front; to make sure I was appropriate for every occassion: how to behave and how not to behave. She taught me to stop and recognize that there is beauty everywhere and in everything. My mother was strong before it was popular for women to be strong; she was always ahead of her time.

      She loves my father deeply and without question and in doing that she showed me how to love and how to be loved.

      She’s always available for her children, her grandchildren and her great grand children and we all know when we walk in a room, we’re the only one that matters to her.

      My mother is the most delighfully witty, charming and intellegent woman I know and I thank God for her every single day of my life.

    69. Shannon Baas Says:

      Mom, thanks for always being there.

    70. Shirley Younger Says:

      Mom – I miss you! Thanks for everything you did for me!

    71. Mom – Namaste

    72. craig varney Says:

      mom you have shown me how to be positive and a loving person all my life thank you for being my mother and friend

    73. K. Cleaver Says:

      Hi mom! Hope you have a great Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

    74. You have got to know that since having my daughter this past year, I just have to ask where you get your strength good humor and energy from? Hopefully that will be one more thing that gets passed down to me. I am going to need it for these next 25 years or so. Love you

    75. Mom I know we don’t always show how much we appreciate you, but you mean a lot to us. I would be lost in this crazy world today without you. I love you very much and hope you have a great mothers day!

    76. Mary Casper Says:

      Mom is an inspiration
      and all I aspire to be

    77. Danielle H Says:

      Mom, you are the best. Who else will eat a huge breakfast with me and then go out shopping? Who would patiently watch my try everything in the store on and give me an HONEST opinion about what looks good? You! Love ya!

    78. My goal has always been to be as great a mom as you!

    79. christopher h Says:

      i love you mom!

    80. Savanda Hodge Says:

      Mom, I love you and miss you very much. I pray that one day we can live closer to each other. Love you!

    81. Susan Snyder Says:

      Mom.. you deserve so much more than you have received in life! I wish I could give you the world! I love you Mom!

    82. William Lashley Says:

      Physically, mentally and emotionally… Mom, You have always been there for me and no matter what you know i will always be there for you! I love you!

    83. Melanie Lee :) Says:

      Thanks Mom for being the “cool mom” when I was growing up. You were always there for me and still are. I wish I could get down to see you on Mother’s Day but at least you know I want too!

    84. Tina Palmer Says:

      For the Mom who goes out and beyond her way…She’s there for my brother myself the grandkids…She’s the “BEST”..There is no other like her…I LOVE YOU…

    85. Love you, Mom! <3

    86. This is to my stepmom. I love you no matter how much we fight.

    87. First I’d like to comment that to enter this contest this way is unique and touching.

      Mom, I know you don’t know who I am, the Alzheimers has taken most of your memories; but I love you no matter what and I will carry our memories and pass them down to my daughters.

      I love you Mom

    88. Celeste Campbell Says:


      You have done so much to improve my life, but the greatest gift you gave me was teaching me to read (really young) and giving me access to loads of books so that reading and learning are a necessary part of my every day life. Next to that, you are a great inspiration as a world class artist and you have helped guide and shape my personal artistic vision while never trying to make it a subset or duplicate of your own.

    89. mom your the best….love ya ;)

    90. Mom:

      You taught me how to live!

    91. Joyce Pogue Says:

      You may be 92 and a great grandmother, but you’re still the greatest mom for me.

    92. You have had some tough times, Mom. But one thing you taught me was to keep going. Never give up. I love you, Mom.

    93. Mom- thank you for always being there for me, even when I let you down a few times. Mother you are a strong woman for having to be two parants at once, because our dad is not in our lives. I am thankul for you.

    94. stacey bittman Says:

      mom- you are the best- and thank you for all the food you made me while i am on bedrest!!

    95. a good win

    96. kathleen haas Says:

      wish I lived closer to my mom

    97. Mom, thanks for everything.

    98. Patricia Schraier Says:

      Mom, you’re the best, even though you’re my dad.

    99. Mom: I love you so. You know. We will be with each other always.

    100. Sheree Warner Says:

      Mom, you have rescued me so many times over the years and you continue to be there for me. I feel like a failure as a daughter and only wish I would have listened to you when I was younger because you were always right! You have showed me that you can be smart, talented, and beautiful and still be the best mother and the best friend to all you know. I am blessed to be your daughter and friend for the last 51 years. Thank You! I love you!

    101. Top of the world, Ma!

    102. Mom, after watching you fight breast cancer and never give up I want you to know that I admire your strength and grace more than you will ever know. I love you!

    103. Momma, not to sound like a Hallmark card, but I love you to the moon and back.

    104. Mom I miss you and I always think of you with love.

    105. Mom – Thank you for investing so much tender love in me. You taught me kindness and gentleness. I will use all that I learned from you to raise my own children. Thank you, Mom, for everything! xoxo

    106. Donna Coughlin Says:

      Mom I love you very very much

    107. galena penrod Says:


    108. Sharon Jones Says:

      Mom…you taught me so much about being a good person and that being kind to all people is the most important thing…and now, with your lessons, I am now passing them along to my own kids. Thank you for teaching me what is truly important in life. And to you and Dad-HAPPY 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!LOVE YOU :)

    109. Mom thank you for still being there for me. Raising my own children shows me everything I put you through growing up!I love you.

    110. my real mom is too far now, so this message is for a woman who became my second mother, my mother-in-law.
      Thank you for all your love and all your support. Life wouldn’t be so beautiful without you. And special thanks for my husband, your son :-) I’m really blessed

    111. Thanks for staying in the role of mom even when I thought you were being “uncool”. And thanks for not murdering me during those teenage years.

    112. I miss you so much mom i can’t describe it.

    113. Linda Moeller Says:

      Thanks Mom. I’m one of the few who knows how to hang out laundry!

    114. donna duarte Says:

      mom – i love you so much, i thank God every day for blessing me with such an incredible lady for my mom, you are so much more to me, you are my friend, my shoulder to cry on, you are the most patient person i know, and i dont know how you do it- i can only hope to turn out to be half as wonderful as you are- im so glad that you are my mom, and that we have such a great relationship!!

    115. Shilo Beedy Says:

      I love you mom! You are always there when I need you. You taught me morals and about life. You have more patience then I could ever have. You don’t judge me and you accept me no matter what. You always put us kids before yourself during the ruff times and even still now with us kids moved away. I couldn’t ask for a better mom love you.

    116. Yvonne Butler Says:

      My Mom has been gone now for three years but my daughter has been a great Mom for their son who is 13 now and his two sons who she made her own. Not too many people like to raise someone else’s children but they were always hers and they have the greated respect for her. I salute my daughter for being such a good Mom!

    117. charline s Says:

      Thanks for being my best friend mom.

    118. Felicia Shapiro Says:

      Mom–you are terrific!!

    119. I miss you Mom!!!! Hope I live closer to you soon…..

    120. Patti Sherman Says:

      Thanks for forcing me to finish Nursing school and making me who I am today!

    121. Mom-
      You are the best there ever was! Nobody gives of themselves as you do.
      love you always!!

    122. Thanks for becoming a friend!

    123. Hi mom, thanks for all the sacrifices and hard work you put in to raise me all by yourself. After having my own child I know it wasn’t easy and there are always going to be doubts about the decisions you made… but just know that you have a happy and healthy daughter and at the end of the day everything worked out just right!
      Thanks and I love you.
      Marissa :)

    124. Lisa Fosses Says:

      Mom thanks for being a good role model in helping the poor, being accepting of all races and nationalities, and being involved in politics and other causes.

    125. Vicki Chrzanowski Says:

      To the most wonderful Mom in the World!! We have so much fun together and we are such special friends. I Love you Mom

    126. Keri Schierman Says:

      Your courage astounds me. I love you!

    127. Keri Schierman Says:

      Great contest I loved reading the posts

    128. i want to win

    129. Kelsie Bianco Says:


      things may have been really hard between us this past year but we’ve been working on things and im glad that we are starting to rebuild our relationship. Through thick and thin you ahve always been there for me and i appreciate. I love you mom!

    130. Mom,

      It is so very hard to believe you’ve been gone for 4 years now. You are missed so very much and I think about you everyday. The many lessons you taught us have made us better. You were not only my mom but my best friend. I’ll love you forever!

    131. Dear Mom,
      I am so thankful for you ~ from your very first c-section,
      to those early years and scrapbooks and pogo sticks,
      to countless hours of help with schoolwork, to loving
      and caring and listening when we needed to talk, to
      our walk together in CHRIST when you and I first were
      saved together out of our family, to a lifetime of
      serving and loving and caring for us all as your dear
      family, and to being my mentor and role model as a mom
      and friend. I love you, Mom. ~Barb

    132. I miss you mom, wish you were here, you would really enjoy all of your great grandkids that you never got to meet.

    133. Jennifer C Says:

      This is to my MIL –
      I want to thank you for being such an important part of my life. You are so supportive in every aspect of my life and I am so thankful that you are my mother in law.

    134. Cathy Tomlinson Says:

      Mommy, I’m proud to say at the age of 55 I have never had an argument with you where we didn’t speak, I’ve never disrespected you and I want you to know you’ve been a great mother and now a great friend. Also I’m thankful that you had 4 daughters and only ONE son. Thanks! Love Ya.

    135. Beverley Justice Says:

      When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

    136. Terri Wagner Says:

      Mom I know we don’t see much of each other these days but know that you are always with me in my heart.

    137. Jessica Applegate Says:

      i love you mom! you are the bestest friend i’ve ever had.

    138. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I know I don’t tell you enough how much I love you and how much I look up to you. So on this special day set aside just for wonderful mom’s like you, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done for me.

    139. Stephanie Price Says:

      Mom I never knew I would enjoy you as a friend…. I love you!

    140. heather brenner Says:

      I just appreciate you more everyday. With each lesson I have learned in life I realize you were right all along. With each disappointment I know you will be there to help me stand strong. Thanks for saving my life when my choices were bad. Thanks for rejoicing with me when my choices were better!

    141. Mom, You are the greatest Mother ever. How you raised myself and 2 brothers are beyond me. Thanks for your sacrifices. I love you.

    142. Janice Wright Says:

      Mom, you are the greatest. You really are. Thanks for raising me with your common sense & old fashion values. They’ve helped me along the way. I love you.

    143. My mom, my friend, loves her children with a fierocity but never quite get’s what she needs or deserves.

    144. Kathy Landry Says:

      Mom, you amaze me with the things you accomplished. You are a miracle worker and I love you.

    145. Ah momma! I wish you could have lived long enough to see all your babies grown up…you died so young…your “baby” turned 50 this year, 10 years older than you were when you died…we all still miss you.

    146. I Love you Mom. Sorry you are having to go through knee surgery. I will be there to help you every the step of the way.

    147. Lee Ann Bettes Says:

      Mom- I would give anything in the world to have you here, even if just for a few seconds, so that I could tell you I love you one more time. So that I could say I am so sorry about every disappointment I created. I so much wanted you to see me succeed before you died. I wanted you to know that I was going to be ok. That I really did listen to you. I really did hear your advise and your words of encouragement. I am sorry I didn’t listen hard enough before you left. I am sorry about every ache and pain I created for you. I wanted so much to be a success story for you and you to know that it wasn’t your fault. Everyday is a fight. And everyday I have to get strength from somewhere. When I think I have run out of my own, somehow I pull strength from your memory and everything that you were. And everything that you still are to me. My Mom, my best friend, my confidant, and the one who loved me no matter what. I’ll see you one day again, I believe that. And when I do, I am going to give you the biggest hug and say “thank you”. Just for being you.

    148. Gary Armour Says:


    149. mom…words can not express my gratitude over the years…your guidance and support with my own daughter who is battling a chronic illness…you always put others first…thank you for being you

    150. Molly Capel Says:

      Mom- My one main goal as a mom, has always been to try and be like you. It amazes me to this day, how much of a normal childhood we had, free from drugs, alcohol, and other pitfalls that so many of my friends fell into. Now that I am a mom to 5 sons of my own, I fully understand how challenging, yet rewarding motherhood is. Thank you mom!

    151. Barbara Moorman Says:

      Mom, and my Second Mom,

      You’ve both helped me grow and learn and be a better mother, by leading and teaching by example, even when it came down to resorting to ‘tough love’. You both helped me to leave the nest, and learn to fly on my own, but you were always there to catch me if I fell, and taught me to live up to my true potential, and accept and acknowledge my failings. I love you both. Mom, I know you’re watching over us all from beyond, and I know that you are proud and pleased that I looked to your best friend, my Second Mom, to help me along, when you were no longer here to help me. Thank you, to both of you. I couldn’t have made it to where I am without the both of you.

    152. Miss you Mom

    153. Leigh Nichols Says:

      You’re the best friend I ever had, Mom :)

    154. Jodene Gildea Says:

      Thanks for always being there for me! Love you!

    155. mariannalee Says:

      being loved is able to love and greatest gift there is.

    156. I love you, Mom!!!

    157. Sylvia Belle Says:

      My daughters are such good mothers and I swell inside to see them.

    158. phillip stacy Says:

      I’d like to win this for my mom.

    159. Jennifer R Says:

      Dear Mom, thanks so much for being a wonderful mother! I love you!

    160. Mom…I may be grown, but I couldn’t ever do it without you. I get mad, pout, scream, but it doesn’t matter what I say or do, you have always been there for me like I will always be there for you.

    161. Debra Ford Says:

      Mom, You adopted my at 3 days old, never lied to me, and more importantly, never made me feel anything but loved and wanted. I will always remember being told that I was specially pick from thousands of babies (OK, so maybe you lied, but what a great one!). Now, a mother myself, I try to follow your example and make my children feel loved and special each and every day. Thank you mom, for giving me all my birthmother could not, and all I could ever need.

    162. Denyse Gerges Says:

      Thanks for teaching me right from wrong! I reuely know and live the differnce!

    163. Here! Don’t say I never gave you nothing!

    164. Tammy Sinclair Says:

      Mom, you were dearly loved in life and you will live in our hearts forever.

    165. Esperanza Dodge Says:

      I am a single mother so my baby is entering for me! ;)

    166. Mom, everything I am, everything that is strong in me, I got from you. You deserve so much, I wish I had more to give you.

    167. Mom, I don’t know how you did what you did for so many years. You are the strongest person I’ve ever met and I am lucky to have you for a mother.

    168. Samantha Pruitt Says:

      mom, it probably doesn’t look like i’m listening when you’re giving me advice, but it’s all being stored in the back of my mind, and when i find myself in desperate need of advice and you’re not there, i can just reach back and remember what you said “turn right at the Burger King, not left!”

    169. jan koontz Says:

      you are just to cool mom

    170. my mom died 18 years ago, but if she were alive I would wish that she could be happy – she never seemed happy to me and that is so so sad!

    171. Debbie Criss Says:

      I know over the years we haven’t hit it off. I know the other kids don’t come around. But I know your’re trying hard to become the mom you always wanted to be. Keep up the good effort!!!!!!!!!! Happy Mother’s Day

    172. Patty Brown Says:

      Motherhood is the search for truth, justice and an empty laundry basket!

    173. Mom! Thanks for all the sacrifices you made for us.

    174. i love you mom. thanks for being my best friend, always.

    175. Mom, even though you’re gone now I still feel you guiding me to make the right choices. Thank you for that…but my biggest thanks is because you were such a wonderful mother. I love and miss you.

    176. Mom, Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love means and showing me by example not to judge others because judgement has no value in this life.

    177. Mom,
      I just wanted you to know that I really learned a lot from you. Both from your good decisions and your bad ones. Luckily, I learned from your mistakes and have made some very good decisions in my life. I hope you never have any regrets about anything you’ve done, because no matter what, your actions have made me the valuable contributor to society that I am today. I love you very much and don’t know what I would do without you…

    178. LOVE YOU MOM !!!

    179. Jill Myrick Says:

      Thank you so much for everything that you have done and continue to do everyday. Especially for the things that you have taught me.
      Thank you for always being a perfect example to follow. And for having the morals that withstood time. For always living your beliefs and not being daunted when others didn’t share your beliefs.
      For always being there for me no matter where I was or what I had done. For never judging me for my actions whether they be good or bad. And for helping me to walk back through those actions to figure out what went wrong.
      For being there no matter what.
      Thank you for always lending me a shoulder to cry on and a best friend to laugh with. You have always been there to share both the good and bad and your support has meant the world to me.
      Thank you for having the intuition to feel when I am down or lonely. And for knowing just when I need the phone to ring just to hear your voice. Thank you for always being available to pick me up and make it better. And most of all for showing me unconditional love always.
      At 43 years old I still need you as I did before.And I will always cherish you and the time that we spend together.
      Thank you so much for being the Perfect mother.
      But most of all for being MINE !
      Love always ,

    180. Mom, I love you so much. You are the best mom & friend a daughter could have. Thanks for always being there when I need you.

    181. Deidra Cluff Says:

      Marla, thank you for being such a wonderful mother in law and grandma. We are so grateful for everything you have done for us. You truly are a special person who deserves the best. We love you!

    182. hazel hunt Says:


    183. Francine A. Moore Says:

      From the 15 of us…we love you Mom! You are the best!!!

    184. Hi Mom!
      I love you! Thanks for taking care of me all those years.

    185. Christine E. Says:

      Mom, thanks for being a great Grandmother!

    186. Mom,

      It will be 19 years since you died the day before Mother’s Day, but I still miss you as if it were yesterday. You were my inspiration to be a good mom to my boys. You were the woman I always strive to be. I love you forever!

    187. MARILOUISE K Says:

      Mom, I never realized all the grief I put you through until I went through it myself, I never knew how unselfish your were until I had to skip something for myself to provide for someone in my family. I never thought you worked that hard until I fall into bed each night. You did it all without one complaint and with a smile on your face. Me not so much. I love ya.

    188. Melanie Miller Says:

      God gave me such a wonderful gift and that is you!

    189. Mommy, I Love You!!!!! You don’t just think of yourself. You help so many people, kid for teaching Divorce Care For Kids and do it for free. You have to have lots of patiance. I love you sooooooo much and thank you for taking me to everything that i have to go to.You are such a great mommy!!!! I LOVE YOU so much, you are amazing. And when i have kids i want them to be just like you ( and me! ) I Love you for the thrird time!!!!! It sould be the millionth time! I Love you, Sarbear…..Babydoll ect.

    190. Huguette E. Says:

      I love my mom, she’s been there for me always. Thank you as well for being such a great grandmother so that my children can experience your kindness and love as well.

    191. mom, we share great times together . helping me grow up and now that i have my own family you do just as much with me when i grew up with my son .
      it is nice to see that we all share this special bond with you.
      you are great. i love you

    192. Mom, I love you. Thank you for being there for me during my pregnancy.

    193. Miss You!

    194. Elizabeth M. Says:

      Mom, you’re a source of constant love and support and I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. I love you and happy mother’s day!

    195. Mom, thank you for teaching me all that you have! I really appreciate it!

    196. trudee carreiro Says:

      thanks for being a great mom and always being there for me. I love you now and forever

    197. Thanks, mom, for being my best friend and the best mom anyone ever had. XOXOX

    198. I’m glad you are my mom:)

    199. Mom- youre a wackjob but I’ll keep you around anyways. Love you!!

    200. Renee Turner Says:

      Mom- I honestyly don’t know where I would be in this would without you. I only hope I can be as present with my kids and offer the same unconditional love to them as you have shown me. Your love and support has brought me through many a dark time. Thank You.

    201. I love this!

    202. My mom has passed, but if she were here I would tell her I LOVE YOU.

    203. Mom you were taken from us far too soon. I wish you were here to guide me to be the kind of wife and mom you were. I love and miss you.

    204. I miss you mom

    205. Cathy Roark Says:

      Mama, even though you have gone to be with the Lord I try and remember all the good things you taught me to do and use them daily. You were the best mama any girl would love to have. You loved life and lived it to the fullest. I am now trying to teach my children the way you taught me. I miss you and can’t wait to be with you one day.
      Your catrini, Cathy

    206. Scott Jensen Says:

      VEry impressive, Thakyou for the opportunity to make Momma happy!

    207. Mom,

      Thank you for all you have done for me and thank you for standing by me when times were tough. I knew we would make through! Love you!

    208. dear mommy,

      i know you can’t wait to be a grandma soon :). I would never trust my kids with anyone else but you. Thank God I have you!

    209. Mom,
      Thanks for being my best friend. I wish I could see you more. I hate I live so far away. :(

    210. Hello, Mama-Llama!
      Now that I’m a mom, too, I have to tell you: I don’t know how you did it! You raised four intelligent, humorous, talented young ladies who respected those who earned it and weaved silly tales about those who didn’t. You bit your tongue more than I ever knew, and suffered along with us when we made those mistakes we all have to make to learn.
      I love you!

    211. MARY HOFMANN Says:

      Mommy O, I LUVVVVVVVV U!

    212. Thank you mom for being such a loving and caring mom!

    213. Veronica Garrett Says:

      Mother I cannot ever thank you enough for all the love you have unselfisley given me. Your memory lives on in the lives of your children and grandchildren.

    214. jen gersch Says:

      thank you mom for being my mom

    215. Short & Simple
      Mom you ROCK I love you

    216. amy delong Says:

      mom you give so much 2 me&the grandkids and ask for nothing,this is why you deserve the best!!love ya

    217. Karen Rimiller Says:

      Thank you Mom for everything. I hope that I can be the same type of mom to my little girl as you were to me. Wish you were here so you could hold her. We miss you.

    218. Mom, you are the rock in my life. We have been through many struggles but I always know that you will always be there. I only can hope to be 1/2 the mom with the girls that you have been with me. I LOVE YOU

    219. Mom, thanks for planning our trip to Disney. I promise not to whine much, if you are not bossy!

    220. I wish I would have told you more that I love you when you were here. I miss you very much.

    221. Mommy, I love you and you and I are of one mind.

    222. Mom, thank you for all the life lessons and the importance of family. With your unconditional love, I have been able to pass your ways to my children and the next generation. I love you.. Happy Mother’s Day

    223. Thank you for all the years you fed and cared for me. You mean a great deal to me, and thank you for the incredible things you taught me.

    224. Until I had a child of my own, I couldn’t understand how much love you have for me and how much patience you’ve had with me. Thanks for never giving up on me. I love you.

    225. jane yates Says:


    226. Thanks mom for all you do, which is lots and lots.

    227. natalie vernon Says:


    228. You are the best mom there ever was!

    229. Mom, I do miss you everyday. How many questions I NOW have and paying for the not listening then. I wished I had known how You felt and what you thought of things, things I can never ask. I hope there is peace in your soul now.

    230. I love you mom!

    231. All throughout the day, I will be missing you mom and wishing I could be there to spend the day with you. But just know that all through the year I love you and hold you in my heart.

    232. Zipporah Sandler Says:

      My mom died at the age of 55. My mother in law has become my surrogate mom & I love her and thank her for being there all of these 25 years.

    233. miss you :-(

    234. Michelle Rosborough Says:

      Happy Mommy’s Day, I love you !!!!!

    235. Janet Mahurin Says:

      Thanks for being such a wonderful mom.

    236. Angela Watson Says:

      Mom I wish you were still around to see my little boy grow up. I miss you so much and still come to tears everytime I think about the things I miss doing with you. I love you.

    237. Jim Cincinello Says:

      I love and miss you. Thank you for having always been there.

    238. Mom, you already know you’re my best friend.

      Happy Mother’s Day.

    239. Morgan Towle Says:

      Thanks for always being there for me! Love ya bunches!

    240. Dear Mom,

      When I was 16 years old I would have done anything not to be you; 10 years later I wish to be everything that you are! You encompass everything a good mother is– strength, love, and loyalty.

      I Love You Mom!

      – Beth

    241. Kristal Velazquez Says:

      Dear Mom,

      You are the best! Happy Mother’s Day!


    242. Susan Wielechowski Says:

      To the greatest mom…my mom! I love you!

    243. Melissa Reeder Says:

      Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are the best mom and I love you!

    244. My mom would love this. She is currently housing my 20 year old sister and her 1 month baby. Also they have a 16 year old at home who is testing her patience right now. I am 41, so basically she started all over 21 years after me. She is a saint as far as I am concerned!!!


    245. sarah woods Says:

      MOM: M for the Most of everything she always gives regardless of the situation however had/difficult for herself: O for the Others she puts ahead of herself; so they are happy and their needs and wants are obtained before her very Own; M for the Memories that money can not buy they stand for the Morals, values, love integrity, honesty, and lifes teachings. Many Thanks SW/ Best of luck to all who enter!!! SW

    246. theodore esteghamat Says:

      mom, thanks for being there.

    247. Christy Schultz Says:

      I love you mom. You are the best.

    248. Mom, you kept the family together when Dad died. I didn’t realize how hard it must have been at the time. I hope that I will live up to your example. I love you.

    249. Joy Venters Says:

      Mom died in 1997 – if she were here I’d tell her I love her

    250. Joyce Pawlik Says:

      Mom miss talkiing with you so much!

    251. Donna Kozar Says:

      I love you mom.

    252. vanessa hunter Says:

      Even though you could never tell me, I know that you love me.

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