January 2015
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    Coast to Coast Baby

    Alrighty, so hopefully some of you remember per my past blogs that I am traveling to my sister’s wedding from the West Coast to the East Coast. I am so excited however, I am not at all excited about traveling with my eleven month old daughter. Not that I think she will be bad or misbehave, I guess I’m just nervous. I’m afraid that her ears won’t pop, or that someone on the plane will get her sick. All silly things I know but I still feel like a pretty new mom and all these minor things still freak me out. It’s like the last thing I want is for her to be scared or uncomfortable….I know, I know, over protective. I can’t help it! So do any of you seasoned parents or grandparents out there have any advise or tips on flying with a toddler for this new mom? I know sticking her in a bubble is not an option, or is it?

    Oh yeah F.Y.I., for those of you wondering what I decided on as a gift for my sister per my “Weddings, Weddings, Weddings” blog, I went with the Engraved Picture Frame I’ll let you know what their reaction was when I return.

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    2 Responses to “Coast to Coast Baby”

    1. The first time I flew with my son he was just under two and I had the same fears. We went from Portland to San Fran, so a shorter trip, but my son slept the whole time. Kind of like he used to fall asleep whenever we went in the car. But I did go prepared with toys and books and snacks to keep him occupied, just in case. Have a pacifier for the taking off and decent, just in case the pressure gets to her ears.

    2. Very nice thanks a sharing..

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