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    Christmas Stockings

    What a great Christmas gift-the Gourmet Christmas Stocking! At our house we always need a place to hang the Christmas Stockings! Stockings have been hung for decades here in the United States. Did you know the Christmas Stocking originally came into practice in the 16th Century? It has been said that the Dutch started the tradition with children leaving straw in their clogs for the reindeer and a treat for “Sinterclass” by the fire. In return a gift was left for the children. Soon the clogs were replaced by stockings and “Sinterclass” became Santa Claus.

    A German version of the Christmas Stocking’s history says,  St. Nicholas would fill the stockings with 5 gifts designed to stimulate the 5 senses. A typical stocking would include: Something to eat-A toy that makes noise-An item that is visually pleasing (like jewelry)-An item with a good scent and A soothing toy-such as clay or a soft toy. Like all legends there are many versions of the Christmas Stocking and no one wants to be left with a lump of coal.

    This year we have a beautiful, appliquéd stocking filled with hot cocoa and yummy treats! A great Christmas gift for any member of the family. This would also make a great Christmas gift for the “hard to buy for” person. And don’t forget man’s best friends. We also have a beautiful version for the cat and dog of the house. The “Woof” and “Meow” stockings have treats and toys that will keep them busy for hours!

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    One Response to “Christmas Stockings”

    1. This is great, I love the “Woof” stocking, I’m planning to buy this for my Mom’s dog for Xmas, since her dog is her “kid” now that I’m all grown up. :)

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