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    Chocolate Therapy?

    I recently read that there are salons and spas opening up all over India touting the latest chocolate pedicure, manicure, facial, & body wraps, because beauty experts are claiming that chocolate has anti-ageing properties and is beneficial for dry skin. Now here’s a country ahead of it’s time when it comes to the therapeutic benefits of chocolate! If you don’t have a spa near you that offers any type of chocolate therapy, you might want to consider an alternative such as our Spa Chocolates-21 Days to Good Health. These are not your average chocolates though. These chocolates are actually selected by a licensed, registered dietician to give you three weeks worth of health benefits and enjoyment. Yummy and very unique, these chocolates are perfect for yourself or a friend. I’ve had these chocolates myself and I don’t know where you can find a variety of “healthy” chocolate like this anywhere. Flavors like key lime meringue & pomegranate-passion fruit-acai, (my favorites) are just some of the unusual and yet fantastic flavor pairings you’ll find in this gift.

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    9 Responses to “Chocolate Therapy?”

    1. I actually had some of that chocolates and I loved it. At first I thought it was weird but the chocolates were great!

    2. Cholocate therophy for spa ans good health is a goood news. I read that chocolate is good for pregant women..

    3. Nicely done, very impressive. Keep up the good work and of course, keep sharing your ideas.

    4. Chocolate therapy sounds good to me!

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