February 2015
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    Beautiful Baubles

    My granddaughter loves all things that sparkle, glitter, glow or shine, and if you ever met her you would say that her personality is quite similar to the things she’s attracted to. Well, her birthday is coming up in July, and tell me if the Engraved Diamond Keepsake isn’t totally what every glitter-queen should have!

    It’s the perfect accessory on so many levels, and who doesn’t love to get a gift that is just beautiful to look at no matter where it sits?  Here are some of the fabulous uses I’ve figured she can get from this beautiful bauble:

    1. Use it for keeping her dramatic memos in their place.
    2. Holding the pages of her diary open.
    3. Place it in her windowsill for a sparkly rainbow effect all over the room.
    4. Put it on her desktop next to her faux-leopard file caddy (tres chic!)
    5. Use it to keep the door to the “salon” open.

    Whatever she chooses to use it for, she will love this jewel of a gift!

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