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    While born in Southern California, Alicia has made her home the Pacific Northwest since she moved here at the age of 10. Alicia’s passion is her family, which include her husband, son, daughter, and their very spoiled dog! They love to spend time together traveling, playing board games, cooking and baking, going to the beach and enjoying the little things in life. When she’s not spending time with her kids, you can find Alicia with a group of her girlfriends, laughing the night away with silly stories and a bottle of wine.


    A Seattle native, Carrie ended up at in “the ‘Couv” when her husband was offered a job in the Portland area. Living 3 hours away from Seattle means she is close enough yet far enough away to her relatives who still live up North. She and her husband have a really cool 8 year old son who can play Iron Man (the entire song!) on his guitar. Carrie and her 2 sisters all have red hair and are constantly asked if they are triplets, even though they all have different shades of red, look nothing alike, and aren’t even the same age! Luckily Carrie (the oldest) always ends up being told “you must be the youngest.”


    After living his first thirty years as a feckless popinjay and rapscallion, Doug decided that his mid-life crisis would involve the pushing of pixels from Pennsylvania to the Pacific. Rabidly passionate about rest and relaxation, he’s the perfect guide to all things decadent and luxurious. Having no formal education in anything but Graphic Design, Doug takes his involvement in the Gift Exchange most seriously. How else would he possibly lay his hands on all these products to try them out?


    A California native, Jeannie landed in Washington State twenty years ago after speaking at a funeral in the Pacific Northwest and falling in love with the area. During a record hard winter, Jeannie made the move in her 1961 GMC pickup and also learned to drive in snow on the way. She and her husband are enjoying their second childhood now that their daughter is off living her own life. They enjoy going to the coast, the occasional water fight in the front yard (or in the kitchen), and Jeannie especially looks forward to their Friday night date night. Jeannie is a very creative lady and always finds projects to keep her busy during the Pacific Northwest winters: old keys become a wind chime, old porch lights become a candleholder, old clothes become quilts…You never know what she’ll come up with. After she retires, Jeannie would like to start a business making heirloom baby quilts out of grandpa’s old shirts and grandma’s old dresses.


    With grocery lists in Excel and hyper-organized cupboards, you might be surprised at how messy this perfectionist’s desk can get. Jennifer lives in Vancouver with her husband, son and their adorable dog. She enjoys reading, but creative fictions will put her to sleep. Give Jennifer a biography or a how-to book and she’s enthralled. A die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, she’s shamelessly instructed her friends and family not to call her on Thursday nights. She’s also been the poor victim of a prank or two of Shawna’s…”What’s that in my purse?…Oh, gross!!”


    Konnie Kitt grew up in Rupert, Idaho (or Mayberry, if you prefer). After several moves post-college, she settled in Vancouver, Washington in 2011. She is the mother of 3 kids and 2 step-kids, who are all fantastic and amazing (no bias there). She was reacquainted with her husband on Facebook (cliche) 20 years after high school, which spawned the move to the Pacific Northwest. Konnie is the wannabe baker of GiftTree. To avoid eating all the pastries, etc that she bakes, she brings them to work to share with the masses. She also began running about 6 years ago and has completed one full and 3 half marathons (as well as countless 5 and 10K races). She is currently in training for the Portland Marathon in October 2013. The remaining time in her life is spent with family, exploring the beautiful area where she lives.


    Originally from Ukraine, at age 11 Luba and her large family of 14 migrated to the United States and she instantly fell in love with American culture. Luba is a huge fan of the color orange. Seriously, it’s an odd day when Luba isn’t brightening up GiftTree with her bright orange attire. She has orange sweaters, blouses, shoes, purses, ink pens and her latest addition, an orange camera. An orange car may be in her future. In GiftTree’s Customer Service Department, Luba really enjoys joking around and laughing with her co-workers.


    You better hope this resident prankster doesn’t know when your birthday is! Always looking for an opportunity to repay a prank, Shawna’s shenanigans include toilet papering an unsuspecting co-worker’s office with an industrial sized roll of tp along with some other crazy hijinks that we dare not mention in public. Born in Vancouver, Shawna has moved around a little here and there but always seems to come back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Despite her aversion to cold weather, the abundance of fantastic NW camp spots prevails! When she’s not at GiftTree, you will find Shawna and her husband outside playing with their dog, Lily, or chatting up one or more of her five brothers and sisters. Her hobbies include camping, crossword puzzles, DIY projects, and she is also addicted to Monopoly and LOST.

    Stacey Keller:

    Stacey grew up in Woodland, Washington, though she also has spent time living in Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington. She is the mother of two great kids, a lover of music, and an avid reader. Stacey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and is about to begin study at Lewis and Clark Law School, with an eventual goal of being an advocate for the wrongfully convicted by working with the Innocence Project. In her free time Stacey enjoys spending time reading, going to concerts as often as possible, hiking, exploring, disc golfing (though poorly), spending time with her favorite people and just being alive.