Why We Gift Wednesday

Happy Why We Gift Wednesday – the day we celebrate and share the stories behind why we give gifts. Today is also Administrative Assistants’ Day! If you work with an Admin, have you told them how much you appreciate them lately? We think this quote sums up...

Sad Loss of Vintner Joseph Phelps

I had the good fortune to meet Joseph (Joe) Phelps a number of times.  He passed away on April 15th after an amazing life founding one of the premier wineries in Napa Valley.  His Insignia wine was one of the first wines that helped create the category of what is...

Celebrating Earth Day at GiftTree

Earth day is coming up fast on April 22nd – that’s next Wednesday! Are you planning to celebrate this year by incorporating some more earth friendly practices into your home, office and day-to-day life? Here at GiftTree we’ve made several changes...

5 Traits of a Habitually Great Gift Giver

A great gift giver is one in a million. How many times have you been given a wrapped gift and dreaded having to open it and pretend you loved it while the person looked on expectantly? Think of that one friend who just seems to “get” you, and gets the gift...

The GiftTree Easter Egg Hunt

We’re hosting the ultimate Easter egg hunt – on our website! Search on the Easter Gifts page on GiftTree.com for this adorable, colorful Easter egg. Hint: the egg will move to a new product each day! After you find it, enter via one or all of the below 7 ways each day...

Our Contest is About to Hatch!

For 7 days, starting March 25th through March 31st – We’re hosting the ultimate Easter egg hunt – on our website! Search on the Easter Gifts page on GiftTree.com for this adorable, colorful easter egg. After you find it, here’s how you can...

St. Patrick’s Day by the Numbers

This year, we decided to dive a little deeper and dig up some interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day! Check out this infographic to learn about this fascinating holiday’s history, facts and figures from around the world. Use the social icons to share...
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Mother's Day is right around the corner. However, you don't have to wait until then to take a break and celebrate all the hard work you do everyday. #MeTime #Mommybreak

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8 Creative Ways for Moms to Get Some Much Needed "Me Time"


"I need me time!" This is a lament that I hear a lot from my younger friends who are moms of young kids - and older ones too. It is hard to get alone time with children running around.

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Today we celebrated "Bring your kids to work day"! Do you have any stories from when you brought your kids to work?

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On the Gift Exchange Blog: The Best Gift I Ever Gave - the first post in our new guest post series by President Martin McClanan. Comment below - What's the best gift you've ever given? http://ht.ly/M1qLI

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