Why We Gift Wednesday

Anniversaries don’t always have to celebrate the day you got married – there are lots of little anniversaries to be celebrated throughout the year with the one you love. This week’s Why We Gift Wednesday centers around that moment. The one when you...

Why We Gift Wednesday

Happy Why We Gift Wednesday! Today, we’re celebrating our best friends and all the reasons we love them! Do you have a friend who’s always there for you – through the good memories and the bad? Share your BEST Best Friend story below!

Why We Gift Wednesday

Happy Why We gift Wednesday! This week we’re celebrating all of the grads out there – past, current and future. Is there someone in your life that’s graduating this year? Let us know in the comments below – how do you plan on celebrating them?...

Why We Gift Wednesday

Why We gift Wednesday is here! Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday! Are you ready? We’re continuing on with our celebration of all that Moms do for us. What’s one thing your mom did as an example for you that you follow to this day? Let us know in the comments...

4 Gifts for Nerds Who Have Everything

Think about it, we all have at least one friend that could be classified as a nerd. Someone who went to an Avengers midnight showing or who annually declares their love for their local Comic-Con. Well, the word “nerd” has evolved throughout the years. It...
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A professional *cuddler* from Portland, Oregon made it past the audition stage of America's Got Talent. What do you think - can you actually be talented at cuddling?


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The Cuddler | America's Got Talent 2015 | Auditions Week 1


The Cuddler | America's Got Talent 2015 | Auditions Week 1 A professional cuddler from Portland, Oregon provides the "miracle drug" of hugs. See...

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This week's Why We Gift Wednesday centers around that moment. The one when you just knew a person was right for you, when you knew that they were the one that you wanted to spend the rest of your days with. --> http://ht.ly/NePO2

What moments do you celebrate with your special someone? Comment below!

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Meet The GiftTree Team! We sat down with our President, Martin McClanan to gain insight on his outlook for GiftTree, what gives him inspiration, and his expertise on the art of giving the perfect gift. http://ht.ly/NcZ2b

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