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    6 General Tips for Holiday Prep

    Blog by Kirian McClure

    Theres something to be said for preparation.  As those on the east coast dealing with the effects of Hurricane/Super-storm Sandy know full well, proper preparation can mean the difference between life or death.  While its likely your holiday season isn’t so fatalistic-oriented, taking the time to prepare now will save you all kinds of headaches later on. Its no secret that this time of the year is chaotic, to avoid getting consumed by that chaos and to ensure that your fall and winter months are as stress-free as possible, give a few of these handy tips a try:

    • Shop when no one else does – consider taking a morning off in the middle of the week so as to avoid the crowds. Or shop online at anytime and avoid them completely.
    • Set a deadline – Establish a date that you must have all your holiday shopping and wrapping completed by, December 15th or even as early as the 1st may be good dates to choose. Then you’ll have plenty of time to relax and really enjoy the great things about the holiday season.
    • Get enough rest – nothing further complicates problems and tests nerves like being sleep deprived, and if that means bowing out of parties or other festivities do it. Your body will thank you later.
    • Avoid Hoarding – Clean out your storage of old items from past holidays and push yourself to let go of sentimental decorations. You’ll space and will be glad you did when the holidays are drawing to a close.
    • Set appropriate expectations for gifts – This is mainly geared towards children but its important to prepare your kids in a way that doesn’t ruin the surprise but sets the right stage i.e. no you’re not getting a pony.
    • Food Prep – Any food that are freezable are foods that you should try your best to cook or bake ahead of time, with the same emphasis on alcohol and beverage purchases.

    Remember not to put it all on yourself, distribute your work load, make arrangements ahead of time, and this holiday season will be a wonderful experience!

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