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    10 Ideas for a Meaningful Sympathy Card Message

    Deepest Sympathy

    The words of sympathy you choose for a funeral gift can transform it from a simple gesture into something that really resonates for a long time. Showing your support with words only, from far away, is not easy. But it can make a big difference especially if you’re not there physically.

    Keep in mind that it’s important to show empathy as well as sympathy. Sayings like “I know what you’re going through” and “I understand your pain” don’t mean a lot unless you really do know, and may get met with a quick “no you don’t.” The most important thing during this time is to show that you are with them on the long journey of grieving.

    So try to set aside fears that you won’t get it “right” and just craft a simple, personal message. It’s definitely important to say something rather than nothing so the person knows they’re not alone. Here are ten ideas that may help.

    Our hearts are broken. We are here to support you.

    We are with you on the long, hard road ahead.

    We are grieving with you during this very difficult time.

    I wish I could take away the pain you are feeling. Know that I will do whatever you need.

    We love you. You are not alone.

    [Name] brought so much life into this world. We love you and cherish [his/her] memory.

    In loving memory.

    Our deepest condolences.

    You are in my/our thoughts and prayers.

    There really are no words to express what you’re going through. Please accept this gift as a small token of our sympathy.

    It isn’t always easy to come up with the right sympathy message when someone close to you loses a loved one. And perhaps during this life experience more than any other, it really is the thought that counts. Each attempt to connect and show your support really can make a difference.

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