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Bulk Order Form

For large orders shipping to multiple addresses, our bulk order form makes the ordering process easy. Simply download the spreadsheet in one of the available formats, complete the recipient information, and then upload the file to Alternatively, you may email the order to Our Corporate Services team will contact you to verify details of the order before processing.

Need assistance with data entry? Contact the Corporate Services team to learn about our additional corporate services.

Instructions / Column Reference

These are the columns listed inside the bulk order form. When you have completed your order form, please upload it here: Or, you may email the file to

Important: Please do not change the format of the bulk order form. We will not be able to enter in your order if the form is filled out incorrectly, or if you make any changes to the form.

Please note that columns listed in red are required.

  1. Product #

    Product #s are located on the product pages, at the bottom of the "Description" tab (Gift #XXXX). They can also be found in our catalog, often after the gift's description.

  2. Quantity

    Enter "1" if sending multiple quantities to different addresses. Enter a greater quantity if sending multiple quantities to the same address. If left blank, "1" will be used.

  3. Ship Date

    Please format date as follows: 10/30/2010. Note that we do not make deliveries on Sunday, and Saturday deliveries are available at an additional surcharge.

  4. Ship Method

    Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day, Overnight, US Mail Priority (Please type in "service charge" for hand delivered items)

  5. First Name

    Recipient's first name. This field may be truncated if longer than 15 characters.

  6. Last Name

    Recipient's last name. This field may be truncated if longer than 15 characters.

  7. Company Name

    Please provide if shipping to a business. This field may be truncated if longer than 30 characters.

  8. Address1

    Recipient's street address.

  9. Address2

    Apartment, suite, floor, building.

  10. City

    Recipient's city.

  11. State

    Please use two character state abbreviate (ex: NY)

  12. Postal Code

    Recipient's five digit postal/zip code. Look up a zip code.

  13. Country

    Two digit country code. If left blank, "US" will be used.

  14. Telephone

    Recipient's ten digit phone number (ex: 800.555.1212).

  15. Card Message

    150 character maximum. Please include signature/from in this field (ex: "Happy Holidays! Love, Mom").

  16. Personalization Type

    Specify one if including personalized message: Monogram ( 3 characters Max ), Ribbon, or Message.

  17. Personalization Message

    Add a line of personalization to your item. Not available on all products. This field may be truncated depending on product.

  18. Ribbon Color

    If ribbon is selected as the personalization type then a ribbon color can be specified. Only ribbon colors that are available for that product can be selected. If a ribbon color that is not available for the selected product is selected then you will receive one of the available ribbon colors for that product.