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Facts Unique to Texas

  • Texas is the only state that was a country prior to becoming a state.
  • The Constitution of 1845, which was the resolution that allowed Texas into the Union, stated that Texas had the right to divide into 4 states in addition to the original Texas. That legal right still remains true.
  • There has been 6 flags to fly over Texas. The Spanish, French, Mexican, Confederacy, United States, and Republic of Texas. The Spanish controlled Texas from 1519-1685 and 1690-1821. The French from 1685-1690. The Mexican from 1821-1836. The Republic of Texas from 1836-1845. The United States from 1845-1861 and 1865-present. The Confederacy from 1861-1865.
  • In the Texas state song, the word "boldest" replaced the word "largest" after Alaska became a state.
  • The state capitol building is the largest state capitol building in the country.
  • There are actually five state flowers of Texas. Before 1971, there were debates over which variation of bluebonnet was the actual state flower. (Only two variations were known at that time). In 1971, the state legislature solved this confrontation by making both variations and "any other variety of bluebonnet not heretofore recorded" the state flower. Currently five variations of bluebonnet are known: lupinus subcarnosus, lupinus texensis, lupinus Havardii, lupinus concinnus, lupinus plattensis. There are also several colors of state flower. Blue, white, pink, lavender, and maroon being the primary colors, with several other minor variations found in nature.
  • The people of Texas usually call themselves Texans. However, Texian was generally used in the early period of the state's history.
  • Texas is the only state whose state flag flies as high as the United States flag.

Famous Texans

  • Red Adair
    fireman oil well fires, Houston
  • Alvin Ailey
    choreographer, Rogers
  • Mary Kay Ash
    cosmetics entrepreneur, Hot Wells
  • Steven Fuller
    Austin founding father of Texas, Austinville,VA
  • Gene Autry
    singer, actor, Tioga
  • Kathy Baker
    actress, Midland
  • Clyde Barrow
    outlaw, Telico
  • Carol Burnett
    comedienne, San Antonio
  • Cyd Charisse
    actress, dancer, Amarillo
  • Henry Cisneros
    politician, San Antonio
  • Denton A. Cooley
    heart surgeon, Houston
  • Joan Crawford
    actress, San Antonio
  • Robert Dennard
    inventor, Terrell
  • Dwight David Eisenhower
    U.S. president, general, Denison
  • A. J. Foyt
    auto racer, Houston
  • Larry Hagman
    actor, Fort Worth
  • Ben Hogan
    golfer, Dublin
  • Buddy Holly
    musician, Lubbock
  • Howard Hughes
    industrialist, film producer, Houston
  • Jack Johnson
    boxer, Galveston
  • Lyndon B. Johnson
    U.S. president, Stonewall
  • Michael Johnson
    olympic sports, Dallas
  • George Jones
    singer, Saratoga
  • Janis Joplin
    blues singer, Port Arthur
  • Tommy Lee Jones
    actor, San Saba
  • Trini Lopez
    singer, Dallas
  • Mary Martin
    singer, actress, Weatherford
  • Roger Miller
    singer, songwriter, Fort Worth
  • Spanky McFarland
    actor, Fort Worth
  • Audie Murphy
    actor, war hero, Kingston
  • Willie Nelson
    singer, Abbot
  • Chester Nimitz
    admiral, Fredricksburg
  • Sandra Day O'Connor
    jurist, El Paso
  • Roy Orbisonsinger
    , Vernon
  • Buck Owens
    singer, Sherman
  • Bonnie Parker
    outlaw, Rowena
  • H. Ross Perot
    philanthropist, Texarkana
  • Katherine Anne Porter
    author, Indian Creek
  • Wiley Post
    aviator, Grand Saline
  • Dan Rather TV newscaster
    , Wharton
  • Robert Rauschenberg
    painter, Port Arthur
  • Tex Ritter
    singer, Murval
  • Eugene Wesley Gene Roddenberry
    screenwriter, El Paso
  • Tabitha Soren
    TV journalist, San Antonio
  • Rip Torn
    actor, director, Temple
  • Ernest Tubb
    country music, Crisp
  • Tommy Tune
    dancer, choreographer, Wichita Falls
  • Kathy Whitworth
    golfer, Monahans
  • Dooley Wilson
    actor, musician, Tyler
  • Babe Didrikson Zaharias
    athlete, golfer, Port Arthur