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Phoenix History

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Phoenix & Arizona Historical Facts & Information

Phoenix Museum of History

The Phoenix Museum of History is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the early history of Phoenix. Visitors of all ages enjoy interactive and educational exhibits showcasing Phoenix’s metamorphosis from a dusty desert town to a modern metropolis. Now in its seventh decade, the museum continues to receive recognition and appreciation for its contribution to the cultural life of Phoenix. Come discover how time and place have influenced modern Phoenix, and the stories of the city's exciting and colorful past.

Phoenix & Arizona Timeline
  • 1900
    Population is 122,931.
  • 1911
    President Roosevelt dedicated a dam that was named after him. The Coolidge Dam, the Bartlett Dam, and the Hoover Dam followed.
  • 1912
    February 14th, Valentines Day, Arizona becomes the 48th State: Capital is Phoenix, first Governor is George W. P. Hunt.
  • 1917
    United States joined World War I against Germany. The Zimmerman Telegram was one reason we joined the war. It was sent from Germany to Mexico, and said that if Mexico helped Germany fight in the war, Mexico would regain Arizona.
  • 1919
    Grand Canyon National Park is founded.
  • 1930
    The planet Pluto is discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.
  • 1936
    Hoover Dam is completed.
  • 1940
    Population is 499,261. Arizona is known as Grand Canyon State.
  • 1948
    Indians obtain the right to vote.
  • 1960
    Population has zoomed to 1,302,161.
  • 1963
    United States Supreme Court decision maintains Arizona's right to large amounts of Colorado river water.
  • 1964
    Barry M. Goldwater, Senator from Arizona, runs for president....but loses.
  • 1965
    Judge Lorna Lockwood is elected as Chief Justice of Arizona State Supreme Court.
  • 1968
    London Bridge (which was falling down) is moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
  • 1974
    US Congress divided the Hopi Reservation between the Hopi and the Navajo Indians.
  • 1975
    Raul H. Castro became the first Mexican American Governor of Arizona.
  • 1981
    Population grows to 2,718,425. Arizona Justice Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman on the United States Supreme Court.
  • 1985
    Central Arizona Project brought more water from the Colorado River by pipeline to Phoenix, and in 1991 to Tucson.
  • 1988
    Governor Evan Mecham becomes the first United States Governor in 59 years to be impeached. Acting Governor Rose Mofford sworn in as the 18th Governor on April 5, the first woman in the state to hold the office.
  • 1991
    Fife Symington elected Governor in special run-off election. Central Arizona Project brought more water from the Colorado River by pipeline to Tucson.
  • 1997
    Secretary of State Jane Hull becomes Governor September 5, 1997, after Fife Symington resigns.