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Detroit Misc

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Fun Facts About

  • is home to the Motown sound founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1957
  • installed the first mile of paved concrete road, just north of the Model T plant, on Woodward Avenue between McNichols and 7 Mile Roads in 1909
  • installed the country’s first traffic light in 1915 in downtown Detroit
  • built the nation’s first urban freeway, the Davison, in 1942
  • is home to the oldest state fair in the nation, first held in 1849
  • is the potato chip capital of the world, based on consumption
  • features the nation’s oldest freshwater aquarium, located on Belle Isle Park
  • has country’s largest island park within a city – Belle Isle Park
  • is home to the world’s only floating post office, the J.W. Westcott II, can be found on the Detroit River
  • is north of Canada
  • is home to the largest flower-bedding market in the world – Eastern Market
  • is second in the nation in fishing rod sales
  • shares the world’s first auto traffic tunnel between two nations – the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel
  • is home to the second tallest hotel in North America – the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, at 73 stories
  • is the true home of the “Boston Cooler”
  • is also home to Vernors ginger ale, Sanders hot fudge, Better Made Potato Chips, Faygo soda pop, Stroh’s Ice Cream
  • receives freighters from over 100 world ports on the Detroit River
  • has the most registered bowlers in the United States
  • was the first city in the nation to assign individual telephone numbers in 1879
  • founded the world’s first convention bureau in 1896
  • has more theater seats than any other city, east of the Mississippi River, outside New York City