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Buffalo History

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History Information and Resources

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site

On September 14th, 1901, an anxious Theodore Roosevelt stood in the library of a friend's home in Buffalo, NY. Hours earlier, President William McKinley had died of an assassin's bullet, and now Roosevelt stood ready to rise to the highest office in the land. Roosevelt had been in the vice-presidency for barely six months and had privately feared that his political career was ended with his election to a largely powerless office. Yet at 3:32 pm of September 14th, Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 26th President of the United States as a consequence of unforeseen tragedy. Roosevelt's administration would expand the role of the United States in world affairs, change the relationship between the American government and its citizens, and alter the shape of the presidency itself. The Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS preserves the former Ansley Wilcox home, the scene of this fateful turning point in American history.

Amherst Museum

Experience 19th Century life on the Niagara Frontier. Tour historic homes, gardens, churches, one-room schoolhouses and visit a working blacksmith shop. Learn about local history through exhibits on agriculture, costumes, antique radios and pioneer kitchen. Learn about the Erie Canal in our unique interactive exhibit and climb aboard our replica canal packet boat.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

The purposes of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society are: "To collect, preserve and research the written, spoken, pictorial and artifactual record of the history of Western New York and the Great Lakes in general, and of Buffalo and Erie County in particular, from prehistoric times to the present; to promote a better understanding of the present by using exhibits, educational programs, publications, media presentations, and other appropriate means to interpret the process of change over time in the community; to make the best of current historical research and insight accessible to general audiences by serving as a meeting ground for professional historians and non-professional enthusiasts; to enrich the Western New York community by encouraging the participation of a broad spectrum of the community in lively programs and exhibits that reflect the diversity of the community's population."

Niagara County History Page

A multi-building museum housing many fascinating exhibits. Experience a pioneer's log cabin; visit an old-time doctor's office; see the first air conditioned General Motors automobile; stop by the Bond House built in 1823 and restored to the 1830s.